​Boobs. Boobs. Boobs.


Jiggly, soft, beautiful, life-giving, gorgeous, lovely boobs…. They are the best pillows and every hashers’ second favorite five-letter word starting with b (beers is #1 obviously).


But not all is well with the boobs of the world and as much as the Full Moon Hash will continue to make boob jokes – 43,600 women in the U.S. alone will likely die from breast cancer in just one year[1].

The problem here is worse when you consider that China has more than four times the population of the U.S. and that breast cancer awareness is not nearly as widespread. In my family alone – my mother, three aunts, and three cousins are survivors because they had access to mammograms on time. But not everyone has access to proper screening or knows how to check themselves, so this jiggly eve before the 2000th Run the Full Moon Hash will be partnering with the Tianjin International Community Center to help high-risk low-income women to get the mammograms they need.


All seriousness aside – come out and enjoy a boob-themed run for a great cause. WEAR PINK – although partial nudity is strongly encouraged. Harriettes will be leading the way through the many boob-shaped structures of Beijing and will provide a brief explanation on how to do a self-check.


We are asking for a 100 RMB donation that includes a patch and beer/drinks at beer stops and the circle. All proceeds from the run will go to the Tianjin International Community Center and every 250 RMB gets a potentially life-saving mammogram. Anyone is welcome to make additional donations of course!

Beichen Womens’ & Children’s Center is a collection of medical treatment, health care, prevention, rehabilitation, scientific research & public health.

Since 2012, the center provides a free screening program under the guidance of the district government & district health authorities.

Since 2014, TICC (Tianjin International Community Centre) has supported this program in providing funds for women over 40 years of age, with a family history of breast cancer, and low income.

–       Tianjin International Community Centre

[1]American Cancer Society. How Common Is Breast Cancer? Jan. 2021. Available at:



Hash cash:

30rmb (includes beer/water at beer stops and circle)

100rmb (includes the above + a patch and donations to save tatas)


Your Hares:

Walkers follow marks, live hares for runners



A-B with bag drop available



Friday, April 16; Meet at 7:30, run starts at 8



Our hash bar! Paddy O’Sheas!



Subway: Follow marks from Liangmaqiao 亮马桥 exit A – Joe’s Bar (pin also sent the day off)