Now you can celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival the way it was meant to be celebrated: running through the beautiful cleans streets of Beijing, drinking Mao’s favorite number one beer, and singing revolutionary songs about wanking. After we will feast on various flavored and fragrant dishes, we shall retreat to the modest home of the glorious GM to celebrate!


Chosen on the spot


This Wednesday, September 30th


Meet at 19:30, run starts on time at 20:00

Hash Cash:

20 rmb for run and circle / split dinner

Meet up:

Liudaokou; Liudaokou station (line 15) exit D


Suantang Yu Tujia Cai No. 8 Xueyuan Road (50 meters Southwest of the Liudaokou)
酸汤鱼土家菜(六道口店) 学院路8号 (六道口的西南角)

After Party

Secret Location