“So join us as we edge cautiously along the edge of the Forbidden City and lose ourselves in a tangle of dinky hutongs”


More like floundering ducks than cautious hashers, “lost” was the word while many in vain search for non-existent marks ended up in a tangle, with the occasional respite of  BEER.

It started even before the run for three, whose map-reading skills were sadly lacking, (in this carefree frolicking National Week). Then it seemed to get worse. Seemingly spurred on by an acerbic, (later becoming caustic), Hare, Jesus, reminded hashers of their purpose, (whatever that is/was).
The climb in Jingshan Park was a “high”light with favourable views all around. The official hash HHH photo turned out to be a long drawn-out affair as Jesus insisted on moving the hashers, (instead of the sun), and then decided to trust his camera in the hands of a local, (or tourist). It later required a miracle for the camera to actually work. The carefree frolicking ended up more as a crawl on the way down to the restaurant with the National Day crowds all seeming to be doing the same thing. 

The circle saw the hares being praised and abused. Cumshot hadn’t come yet, so Horny on Top “gladly” proxied and Jesus, although not spanking Dr Jekyll’s Hyde, continued to become more Jekyll and Hydish.  

About 11 virgins, one even volunteering to drink from new pink shoes, were welcomed. The usual recognition for “long time no sees” and “late-comers”, although    this time it was more like “lost-comers”, and a crowd who had actually “brought their  mothers”.

Jesus who had now become distinctly “salty” preached  to the mass hashers on the virtues of “good song”.The somewhat new GMs, one old and one new, well both are more than upstarts but certainly younger than any infamous old farts, namely, Dry Hole and Pretty Woman, were called into the circle for the string of rotating “shield” of tourist buses that are usually a secure sign of a closed circle.

After Dazed & Confused called the young hashers for an apparent disturb of peace in our hash bar, Snot called the old f@#$%^*@kin’ relics over 45 to celebrate their namesake park among the countless unbothered tourists… Finally Dazed and Confused was punished for not actually giving a starting time for the DAY’S run and with the onset of DARKNESS, it was then on-food.