Probably the most “royal” feature of this run was the regal treatment given to Beastly Hole’s canine, Gizmo. Although not a corgi it was petted and pampered and even carried, (or littered), on the walk by the Dragon Lady. Then at the first watering hole it was feed the most royal of nourishments, (BEER) by a double-moustachioed Pretty Woman. So much did she enjoy the royal beverage than she struggled to stand on its own (4) legs. “Not amused” by all this pomp Undulator, our undulating Hare tried on at least two occasions to stomp the royal “pup” underfoot much to the boos and hisses of the Hashers. The excuse for this royal puppy treatment was to train it to sniff out beer. This was possibly seen as a necessity as on two occasions our walking co(opted) Hare, Pony missed both beer stops. Pony was like a horse bolted when it came to GPS skills. Fortunately Nobin Hood (possibly calling upon past-life Sherwood Forest experiences) no doubt saved the wandering walkers from swimming in Lake Houhai.

The 2nd beer stop was a joint walkers-runners mingle, (if it weren’t for the runners the walkers still wouldn’t have found it) where there was more pooch-pampering and dog-exercising, with Doggie Fundoo taking an active part. The Tushuguan Library bar hosted our Circle as for a “high” occasion, (on the roof). We were even honoured with the presence of our RA, so Dazed and Confused from the previous night’s British jollifications that he and Cumshot had only just come. The British were punished along with the runners’s head butters, Transylvestite, Beastly Hole and Gary. Four new shoes were drunk from, by Gary (again) and visiting Spike and Peter. Lucky Boy was awarded his 69 badge and Stephanie (who?,) got her 10 run badge. With promising weather predictions from the RA for the next run, all adjourned down, to on-food.