“so pick yourselves up and dust yourselves off…it’s time to blow those hangover cobwebs away!”

Many hangover cobwebs were being aired at the meeting point. A good crowd of about 30-40 had gathered including an Eagle Beagle who was very interested in the Hash Hound (who in turn tied everyone up with its lead, while escaping). It’s amazing so many hashers got the right exit after the hares advertised the meeting point as Exit A, south east exit. We all know A is always the South west exit, or maybe some don’t ever learn these things. The Hares can’t even blame the Ball as this was advertised well before. Eventually well after 3pm we traipsed over the road to the restaurant which as it turns out wasn’t so far away from Exit C.

After plonking all the bags and almost taking over the restaurant the welcome, explanations by the hares and customary “Pretty Woman blessings” took place just outside the restaurant, (and WC). The water was already starting to flow when “i-Fag” (although he was still Matt then), had a water fight with Frickin Shakespeare, definitely setting the tone for the afternoon’s activities.

The walkers had to rely on marks again which is a bit of a challenge as walkers often don’t have to worry about being on trail when they have their own hare, (provided that hare doesn’t get lost). Matt (soon to be named) was showing promise in his visual acuity skills although we still ended up at each beer stop after the runners. Pretty Woman entertained all at a beer stop with a trouser down-down. The dogs left the walkers to themselves and joined the runners after the 2nd beer stop. (No one can accuse the walkers of ‘’going to the dogs”). 
Eventually the walkers arrived back at the restaurant and then all adjourned to Exit C where the circle took place; (would you believe we met at Exit A?)

The Hash attendance had somewhat increased with the arrival of late-comers. Kimchi Muncher, Dry Hole and Jolly Green knob were all punished for their tardy arrival to the Hash but not the circle. Prancing Queen appeared in mid-circle to receive his well deserved Golden Cock for his Shift-face-cock-master award and finally Beastly Hole almost at the very end of the circle, (if such a thing is possible).

Everything came in 4safter that. 4 long-time-no-sees, 4 virgins, 4 attendance patches! 10 runs patch for Margaricunt and Matt, whose naming on his 10th run could be an unusual phenomenon. 25 runs to Groper and Cums-on-Vacation. There is another unusual occurrence here although possibly only noticed by avid Hash Trash readers with long memories. Groper got his 25 patch 2 weeks ago??? How did he do it again so quickly?

Our beloved RA was in fine form issuing down-down threats to poor “down-down singing among many other accusations. He also introduced “Hugo” the puker, who was summoned this time by Frickin Shakespeare who laid a nice decoration the night before, on the terrace below Le Petit.  He also used his almighty powers to punish the Ball non-attenders and of course, capped the Beer Bitch with Nowhere man’s sailor hat. However he nearly ‘lost control” when a big dog passed and Eagle the Beagle did lose control causing beer spillage among the scared hashers.

After a good session including singing by three song masters the circle reached the high point, the long waited naming!! in fact the twolong waited namings! Our dear Lukas was named “Is it in?” as a result of the memoirs of one of those conversations that you can’t have in a hashball… yes! you guess right: the size of a pennis…  Then our second hasher, Matt, now known as “I-Fag” who was named after his enthusiasm for the controverted gadget and brand and which now is part of the “I” Family (hi I-prick!). After a loong but nice circle hashers were ready to go on food and much more beer in a nice court yard near by!

On On