A mass mugging took place on the street corner of Tiantan Dongmen. Mugs were given out with the paying of Hash cash. 

At the start of the walk D&C was seen flinging away his sunglasses, which jogged recent memories of other items flung, (or washed), away.
I –fag, the walking hare again was giving all within earshot a running commentary of the walk, what was to come, what we’d just had, why there were no marks in certain areas, (when there were), was still abusing Nowhere Man for being slow, and even unnecessarily bringing the lead walkers back just to cross the road. The first beer stop was like a Subway stop, very short ;1. hold up the new mug, 2. get your beer, 3.get walking again. Not sure what the hurry was as the second beer stop was very long. Soon after the first beer stop our “walking-talking” hare gave spoken directions as we went into Longtan park which was apparently a no-marking zone, (funny how some runners’ mark were seen), did a complete circle and then out again. There were some confusion as the next beer stop seemed to be a WC, possibly in preparation for a lengthy drinking beer stop in wait for the runners.

At this beer stop Skinhead burst into song, Ferrari was seen wearing a down-under T-shirt. Cumshot was noticed hiding D&C’s wallet under her head again re-kindling memories of other hidden and lost items, (for which they both drank, later). Also noticed was a sign relating to i-Fags relationship with cats, which may explain why no dogs were allowed and indeed no dogs, (canine or other), were seen there at all.

The circle saw all hashers on the rooftop overlooking the Temple of heaven and environs. The circle was lead by D&C this time, since the GM of the day was actually the hare. D&C along with Cumshot were punished for his inter-Hash non-attendance by Jolly Green Knob, who had had to fill in, and continued to do so as RA in this circle. Cumshot then got mugged for her 50th run!

Our paparazzi photographer, seen on location at September’s Nash Hash, noticed and punished at the pajama run in April, observed clicking furiously at last week’s Red Dress Run, was actually running “as a virgin”; so he had to drink from the “Cock of Shame” (Wonder what his name will be??).

Shakespeare gave his final oration with a rare minimum of expletives to all singing FOYW. After On-Food and ‘Swing-Low” many adjourned to the Brick where Beer Bitching served thirteen thirsty hashers. 

On On