Scientists obtained an upshot at which the workout is able to displace the orgasm, notably the run. In which sense, runners? I did feel exhilarating as I am galloping, though. The stronger blue light from solar system broke through the atmosphere to scatter the particles around our milieu and making the sky blue. We saw it, A Clear Day! With the gust of blasting wind.

Dry Hole and Bens Over out of nowhere came into my eyeshot nearby the meeting point. Hash tropism was subsequently emerging the photosynthesis with seminal hashers in snug air, such as Jolly Green Knob, Hard To Live With, Pony, Snot, Pretty Woman, Pickle Boy, Knob In Hood, Nowhere Man, Dragon Lady, Bearded Clam, Prancing Queen, Doggie Fondu, Autoblow, Le Cunt, Gap In Mind, Dazed & Confused, ComShot and many virgins, Almost 40 hashers! Some popped on the jerseies and the trunks as if beckoning the upcoming summertime. Any passer-by cannot help but casted curious desirable sight on us. The hashers were glowing over a rousing scene in the fissure between the secularity and fourth-dimensional space-time.

Modus operandi as usual, the hashers were split into two groups: runners and walkers. Each time the hashers harbored disparate frame of mind. Not to mention of an extra nice day that was fetching an aphrodisiac. What was Pandora’s box for today? The hashers started to roll up, down, over, around, through and on on in tandem with the hares’s pheromone marks that fundamentally can be spied mostly on the poles and high aeries in the bustling streets, rackety blocks, carefree park and throng market as well as labyrinthine hungtong podunk where the hashers, nothing but that never be oddly, plodded through somewhat unplanned rank waste yards on the Hash trail, which may be a kind of man-made ‘dark matter’. Once in a while, Hash Hound scuded like a bullet before the hashers the moment her tripping line was unleashed, that seemed to testify her anti-power and instinct. Her time-lapse stretch in the midair was a sexy streamline.

On the flip side, if there would be good thing cropping out, it must spin off some dark or anti-counterpart elsewhere. It seems to keep a balance of sort that is supposed to be the law of conservation of energy and the law of conservation of mass. Nevertheless, the law of conservation of momentum, law of continuity, law of dominance, law of identity, etc constantly mingle with the strangelets engendered by the hashers’s kinematics for the sake of disclosing the truth of the universe of the Hash, for which an indispensable substance state exists intangibly. In terms of fixed time and place, the hashers’s regular rotation terminated at an imposing home base, a Yunnan cuisine bourgeoise with roomy space and quasi-exotic ornament and pert quart pot.

Four small cases of local beer were plunked down to the circle by some athletic hashers so as to wet the whistles of hashers more. But they were warm not to be a taste of hashers. Dazed & confused’s smartness placed them on roadside chucks of sludgy snowdrift for cold beer. Ingenious Doggie Fondu fished out a bento of home-made banana-flavoured cake, a slice by a slice rewarded each hasher. Frankly one piece had subjugated my vulnerable pantry, yummy! The huggermugger hashers greatly circled up for today’s Hash review. Le Cunt and Nowhere man acquired their Hash mug aglare for their honor of 50th Beijing Hash run.

All of a sudden, two black figures appeared on the side of hashers cirlce, Oy! Weren’t they Twinkling Ball and Dr. Hyde Spanks Me! who really got so late, then under an invisible umbrella of dense amor. The hashers celebrate, celebrate…the virgins were wiggling and swinging as well by the live spot, all but each participator was cheered up to inmost circle for their grace and brave along the Hash meme.

GM and RA in turn as the testfreaks presided each and every single unmissed anecdote over the hashers, coupled with umpteen Hash songs wafting from Jolly Green Knob as Hash Songmaster, in the circumstance of emcees’s utmost diction and jocose lyric and witty tune, there shaped a kind of electromagnetic field by the big hashers circle like Large Hadron Collider that was frisking Higgs Boson particle of the hashers whereby the laughers and songs and huzzahs of hashers pinned down googolplex motes and being explored the occult of the universe. The hashers didn’t wrap up the festivity until the nightfall pulled down the murky mantle for this day and then 22 hashers nestled down into Yunnan restaurant for spicy homely dish. With the inertia in exaltation, the remaining couples of hashers turned out to set off to Paddy’s for their love-making with a high quality air of this very day as others did alike.

On On!

Pickle Boy