(Read under your own responsability!)

Hypochondria of the weather turnes up a good face for hashers; Summer’s temperature drives the life more frisky like a yohimbe; 
Gizmo soon gets on like a house on fire with her puppy playmates;Roomy and self-contained Frank’s Place accommodates nearly 50 hashers with toothsome buffet and copious margarita as well as live music in playing a song of Habitat for Humanity with the owner; Wahoo…Cinco De Mayo! Sombreros overhead are conspicuous from Jolly Green Knob, Autoblow and some unbeknown hashers;

virile Scum Cocker runs unshod for first half trail shows iron foot;A countenance swathes tightly a spiderman’s headgear mask routes the versant voice, that’s Pretty Woman, GM, as if holding a justice from a third power between the law and the moral; Beasty Hole tops a white cowboy strawhat flanking two tresses of long hair matchinga pair of pink soccer stocking on foot, chic belongs to her; All now seem to follow the Mexican flag from which Life Of Pee drapes on.

By surprise, Black Turd hasing hurt leg restorable appears in the company of Gap In Mind, also for his happy birthday, he is asking for a wheel trail; Dry Hole, Nuts Pirate, Right Snatcher, Brussels, LeCunt, Chelsea Sucker and Prancing Queen in distinctive motions lead the way to barge through the park, river, street, grove and campus that remind hashers of geostrophic physical phenomenon irrespective of mitosis and meiosis; semper, quenchless stenchful dump place and grubby alley passed through portends the capability of handling the waste disposal in a metropolis; 2m high plastic statues such as doggies and peaceful goddess inside the university percolates the spirit of hashers that entice the hashers family photos.

Bens Over, Fire Hole, Lip Cream, On Your Kneels, Bearded Clam and virgins jog all the along with a variation of Feynman diagrams; In the circle, Pickle Boy accrues 100th Hash mug, bigger one, accompanies with a long-playing Hash songs by others; Just Bernd knelt down in the circle is showered by RA DazedandConfused as emcee and many hashers for a baptism of Hash; Hash genros like Nowhere Man, Snot, Hard To Live With, Knob In Hood and CumShot judge a psychokinesis based on pangenesis and meta-law; Hare’s stint by Banana Hammock, Waiting For It and Bjorn Again keeps Hash event in perspective as the breath of life as far as hypothalamus makes the best of hippocampus to come about what came before for a maffick and an adrenaline with siege-esque.

On On!
Pickle Boy