Synchronized brain waves enable rapid learning

The brain waves originating from the striatum (red) and from the prefrontal cortex (blue) become synchronized when an animal learns to categorize different patterns of dots.The phenomenon of brain-wave synchronization likely precedes the changes in synapses, or connections between neurons, believed to underlie learning and long-term memory formation. That process, known as synaptic plasticity, is too time-consuming to account for the human mind’s flexibility.

GM Life Of Pee in gold-tinted jersey takes a spill and has a snap roll on the ground in the act of hugging 2 Italian hashers like Heart On as major hare and Just Vincent as newcomer in Hashing circle on sidewalk, either a fair charge or a slide tackle, which assumes a football scene for an ongoing FIFA World Cup in Brazil and astounds at over 20 hashers favoring respective football star by plastering a mug shot of a player in World Cup on the bodies, much more at a dozen of local audiences surrounding the Hashing circle, even some onlookers tend to rush in the circle to support LOP. While LOP bounces up with a smile, everybody tumbles to his showstopper. What’s more, LOP crowning fedora hat and attiring a Mandarin blue GM jacket sows wonderful seeds by presenting the gifts to the most of hashers including books, DVDS, candies and Jim Hamster’s concoction, seems to show a kind constructivism for a noosphere. To pay the Hashers’s respects to LOP.

RA, Lost In Marks and Spencer hosts a part accompanied by interim SongMaster, Breakfast Included; as if the topic hangs on erratic short, to be sure, some must be in circle for a drink, Shaken Not Stirred dresses long shirt and belts on her waist and treads on a pair of stiletto heel; Just Monica clamps a moolah with a face vule of 50 yuan on her shoulder-straps of a long skirt; Dreaming Semen discourses on his hermit-ish life in his hometown with diverse bears; 2 hares certainly cannot duck away from the toast out of other hashers a round by a round; Just Chris scores his 10th run patch and Hash handle called Finger Your Dough pursuant to plenary hashers’s vehement ventilation, being topless and unshod on his knee in the middle accepting a blessed beer baptism by all hashers, identifying the screams with the laughters and Hash songs; Karate as latecomer turns up for the circle; Just Jasmine buys numerous succulent lichees to comfort the hashers; it winds up with a gestured chorus of Swing Low precented by RA, LIMS; 10 hashers then dig in Sichuan cuisine.

Calefactive sunray whips the hashers into shape to birle icy cold beer at 2 beer stops on roadside, having a whale of a time, a couple of walkers such as Crash Test Dummy, SNS, Just Jasmine and newcomer ushered by a walking hare, Just Sophia with the paper cups invariably catch up a bit later than the runners whom file through dweller quarters, foot bridges, open garden, small park with interesting regulation which the people run in the gate, it is without ticket, where the lake, hill and rockery refresh the hashers. Chippendale and DS all the way go like a streak ahead; 6 Kuai Short as substitute hare stays backward to mark the direction at Open Check and Two/Three Ways; some move forward at constant speed like AutoBlow, Red Snatcher, Who’s Your DaDa, Just Ellie, Placenta and Pickle Boy. For the most of hashers, it’s the 3rd day on end to partake Hash events, the power of ever-increasing euphoria attunes the fatigue of the body. Only Terry puppy does not make any noise all the time and as it seems, hush-a-by lingering on a sleep state in the arms of some hashers on the trail, so much so that could be considered to be suffering from melancholia.

Now that the discrepancy is anywhere, we ought to contain them in a polybasic and open mind from structuralism thru deconstructivism and post-modernism to post-realism…

Hash Boxer and Color Run #128

An unending rise and fall of mountain range, with a kingdom of resplendent flowers and plants, allures 30-odd Hashing bionomists into an ecological paradise. Aromatic earth slope is blazed a pathlet up to one summit after another summit, semi-manmade springlet and stone bridge embellish this mountain area with a spatter of inwardness, sporadic waterpipes lay along with somewhat manholes on hillside, Just Monica twitters with Shaken Not Stirred, screeches betweentimes, “OW!a big worm! I am dying! I wanna go back!” Lost In Marks and Spencer encourages the hashers to keep moving with his praise for spanking smell from the soil and plants; Breakfast Included tags after LIMS; coupled with a detrital berme that makes the hashers a quite galumphed. The agile hashers nip into a vast thicket earlier, such as 2 hares, Dry Hole and Chippendale, as well as Twinkle Balls, Kiss My Maple Leaf, Bubba Spook, and so on.

The clear-cut flour and red white chalk form a signage on a ghat, unknowingly leading to another winding, incondite rubble stairs flanked with lined handrail, at intervals, bumping into the local travellers in twos and threes up and down, from the hillside to the hilltop, overgrowing an expanse of unbeknown varicolored asteroid flowers, China aster and petunia, now and then, some hashers flash afront,e,g., Urine Trouble clearing the way at the fore, and in turn, Who’s Your DaDa, Fire In The Hole, Heart On with her face reddening aglow, Nut Pirate and Benz Over. When reaching a hillcrest for the next trail, having to clamber a rubble wall by ledger-walking a rickety crosspiece. UT and BO act as a safe-guard to help the hashers go thru. The sweat drenches the hashers from japery in the outset to hush on the bush trail. Even though eyeing the mark to indicate 2 directions for short or long, the most choose the long trail with bells on.

The more climbering up, the more vista being offsetted as turning around glancing at behind and alongside, the routes seem like an arborescent light-colored stripes lying on a jungle green and wavy carpet as well as farther view of a cookie cutter of boxy high-rises. There is a veranda as a perch for the hashers, before long, 6 Kuai Short catches up with the forwards; Just Monica and SNS are like a pair of canaries whom still remain chirping jovially; putting together with buying popsickle and mineral water for a short time, starting off down the hill along the steep stone stairs. On flattening out a trail, the hashers crank up to run downhill, past crowded pleasure ground, through a thronged tiny lake. Pickle Boy is exhausted to amble about as an omega to follow the lifeline-like marks. There is a parking lot in the vicinity of the foot of mountains, Hash limo-bus pulls over and all hashers gather to drink and nosh for a recovery and thereupon a celebrating circle is established by the summons from new Boxer GM, Pussy Nibbles, Co-Boxer GM, WYDD has done with collection of Hash cash and roster, more tantalizingly, whose T-shirt prints off striking words, “He Is A Gay” and underlines an arrow to direct at the left side, which means if a man stands by her left side, the others notice him a gay expressly.

Qualified PN officiates at a prologue trippingly; 2 hares are hailed in the circle for a guzzle over and over again; PB cracks the chilled beers and soft drinks soaked in 3 ice-cube-filled large plastic trunks and Bearded Clam delivers the opened drinks to the hashers; Nowhere Man is surprisingly swinging back to the HHH as a visitor and brings in the tins and bottles of iced whoopee waters; Knob In Hood takes the pictures for the hashers with his cadenced clarion laughter; Olesya’s lips are elongated an arc to the high two corners of her mouth for droll scenes oftentimes; Jizzy Shelter is urged in the circle as a gay for a drinking while he stands at the left side of WYDD; BS as his last time in Boxer Hash addresses the wise story that triggers a burst of chuckles out of the hashers; 6KS videoes a panorama by stepping in the center of circle, which drives the hashers knocking about the circle; wait a minute! Terry puppy alone has been out of sight. Somebodies spread out to seek him right away, 6KS finally found him near a cluster of vehicles; the others cannot stop to yuk such as Karate, Dragon Lady, Grasshopper and newcomers; NP comes close to a professional for “accusation” with more than once “indictment ”of other hashers’s freakish behaviors; Boxer GM, PN remarks an epilogue with well-organized performance.

All on bus, the most of whom head for food and 6 hashers get off in the midway for joining an annual Color Run with thousands of participants, and lo! HO’s face has had copperplate color block letters, “The Color Run”, after the rest finished a local dinner for 1 hour or so, these 6 colored hashers return to the bus, who are 6KS, HO, Just Monica, WYDD, BC, PN and Who’s Red Wienie (just coming for Color Run), to be precise, they have been turned into the colored golems, heehaw! Why not! The rain somehow is pitchforking as though coming to wash away such an amusing air. In the shades of evening, Hashing bus gets back to Tim’s bar, the part grab some foods and drinkings and then are bound to splash thru the wine for a birthday party of CumShot at her home 8:30 PM. Some have rejoiced in the 2nd day of Hash events and have to home for a rest on a spur of morrow’s mini-carnival/Olympics of Hash.

The eclecticism defines the discretion about safety, value and goal depends on whether or not to feel comfortable.

Full Moon Run #67

Excess of 20 Hashing philosophers and astronomers rendezvous at the apartment of Full Moon GMs, 6 Kuai Short and Bearded Clam for exploring a process of human saneness and developing a course of human cognitive structure in spite of a disappearance of full moon of celestial imaging overhead a cumulostratus. However, the rationalism and enlightenment are yanked to a current horizon that is reduplicating a horizon in the past, to achieve a scenario of Horizons Fusion. Just Wendy volunteers to be a hare for the first length and runs away for 7 mins ahead of schedule. The hashers then scatter to a dim pattern of hutongs albeit the familiarity toward salted hashers, in the beginning within touch, the pioneers to the four winds have to revert to the original point, awaiting a reminder from the in-the-know hashers, such as Urine Trouble, Just K, Sweet and Furry, Heart On, Pickle Boy, Just Sam, Eratica, Shaken Not Stirred, Who’s Red Wienie, newcomers, etc. BC as Full Moon GM points a way forward in the end.

Perchance the narrow majority are virgins for Full Moon Hash, even so they possess a pair of swiftie but less eagle eyes, the faster the newcomers scuttle with no flour in the dark, the farther they lost the track of trail like Just Monica,Just Sophia and newcomers. Zigzag alleyway under a screen of night bulges more confused to the hashers. Detecting a sign is but by guess and by golly—above all Open Check and Two Ways. A trick worth two of that stay together closer to refrain from getting lost. PB with a fluke pinpoints the beer stop in a sleepy lane and Just Wendy has been all beer and skittles in sitting by the side of a table on which a few cold bottles of beer place; one after another the runners hit it as well and drinking and talking hog a while. Beyond the mind, the walkers emerge shortly like Karate, Grasshopper and a virgin, managed by 6KS whom also bosoms a likesome quiet Terry puppy; Dreaming Semen volunteers to be the other hare for the last length to hightail it; when checking the mark for a little while, Eratica, PB and newcomer swerve to dog the old mark to double back; the mind is in a whirl all the more and unwittingly going back to a departing point at an entrance of mini-park. Some thought it’s second beer stop, BC notifies the circle is settled in a terrace hereon. The walkers, and another 7 young ladies as latecomers all of whom divertingly wear a pair of glasses that maybe imply their academicism, bob up in the circle.

A simple down-down circle is held by Full Moon GMs by turns, in the meanwhile, 2 sounds utter in sequacious way, “Pop!” “Pop!” 2 bottles of beer fall down to shreds on the marble ground by SNS and a virgin, which kicks up a dust with shrills and horselaughs. To raise the bottles of beer is to cheer for 2 hares’s stint time after time; nitpicking at the behaviors of some hashers and revealing some “weirdos/criminals”; 6KS rubs on leading a chorus of Swing Low with all bodies waving and shaking all hands as finale, then all mouths howl at the lights in the distance in lieu of a Full Moon. And meeting with Waiting For It downstairs to attend a party at the apartment of Full Moon GMs at 9:00 PM and a company of non-hashers come over as well until midnight snack outside, only PB stays up to be a couch person for priming for Hash Boxer with peripateticism in the following day.

The value is of relativity and diversity, plus the thought is of volatility and the knowledge is a variable, too, so any ideology, with explaining an unification of systematization and collectivity, is fallacious.
On On…
Pickle Boy

Beijing, Tuesday,
June 24, 2014