[quotes align=”” author=””]During Expedition 35 in 2013, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield performs an experiment by the University of Waterloo’s Richard Hughson called BP Reg, that examines the risk of fainting for astronauts. Because astronauts may suffer artery damage on long missions..[/quotes]

The dog days start to bake the air to melt off ice hockey. The elation of celebrating Canadian Day upsurges higher. Up to 40 hashers perform a road show in a smelly suburb. Squiffy head with sunbow from sweat eyes bears jigging. Spinning around in the threshold till the hare breaks spell; Flagships always pull ahead like Dry Hole and Chippendale; Just Michael, Placenta, Lost In Marks and Spencer locate a way out at the alternatives with expectation of hashers. Over flyovers, along thoroughfares, through digs districts. Obscure 2 beer stops on sidewalk assuage hashers’s desire with iced beer to a nicety; tableaux of cheer squad comes of Teddy Secret, Hebei Horse Herpes & Shake Not Stirred.

Waiting For It rights the high pronunciation of Just Monica; Bearded Clam shaved off his pregnant beard spick and span; Pickle Boy sheared his dormient long hair to sharp jarhead; 6 Kuai Short wears an orange sport shirt as bright signpost. Urine Trouble is besieged by Hashing ladies without cause; Transylvestite as hare hums a bearing between cup and lip; Honey I’m Late jogs along with seraphic smile all the way; Some whist,e,g.,Vibrating Bunny, Red Snatcher, Heart On. Even more loping forward such as Jizzy Shelter, Undulator, Nut Pirate,Who’s Red Wienie,Just Cookie,Creamy Lips,etc; Walking hare,Karate steers a few walkers to set sites timely; Nowhere Man, Crash Test Dummy, Hard To Live With, etc.

Finger Your Dough pleases hashers to taste his dough magic; The circle beers somehow weren’t frozen becomes bummer; The circle is stationed on open curb opposite the restaurant. Life Of Pee as GM and Comes On Vacation as RA compere.  7 newcomers embrace a frolic welcome rite in a choir song; 3 hares are compelled to drain off in the circle for their gig; Dreaming Semen as hare treats hashers with Canadian wine; DH as SongMaster belts out all but classic Hash repertoire. Hasher in-the-making is awarded by 10th Run Patch via GM; Bungled hasher swallows a Cock Shame of drink from RA; Jubilate Deo hoists more merriments and jollities of voltage from hashers, say, Knob In Hood, unbeknownsts and virgins.

Belike only at this point sensing a spirit takes on an utile dulci. Naming Just Ellie on her knees in the circle as Discount Dildo in beer shower by hashers; 1/3 eat in a local upscale setting; Terry puppy still keeps quiet but his tail wagging at a cheer.

On On…

Pickle Boy