The body is bio-machine with cellular components

Against the biological clock—-A gameplan to end age-related diseases.

“On back…!” Hebei Horse Herpes as hare shouts her head off on the parts of trail, over and again, yeah, how so hashing runners always pass the mark? Indetectable blue chalk signs, many of which were placed in a hidden corner and obscure space, the autaum is just begnning but the summer heat still doesn’t wind down its piping hot, some who got through the solar radiation of grassland last weekend have begun to slip the skin, such as Crash Test Dummy, Pickle Boy, Nut Pirate as hare and so on; some, who clambered the Great Wall yesterday reputed as a rememberable Boxing Hash attended about 50 hashers, still persevere in hashing today like Karachi and a few Tianjin hashers, plus 8 newcomers and several long-time-no-sees, altogether over 20 hashers basks in sweating a Hash event in a pollution-free day.

A circled explanation for the mark system on the ground in front of restaurant on sidewalk takes place is hosted by GM, Dazed &Confused, and attracts an uniformed armed policeman who jumps off his convertible jeep loaded with 6 armed policemen pulling along roadside, to edge in the Hash circle to have a look at and move away.

Chippendale takes the lead ahead but must miss out the mark beyond suspicion; Just Adam with the bare to the waist follows his nose to mimic the experienced hashers’s route; although Crystal Tits is the first time to touch down BJH3, she manifests her familiar to Hash rule; Just Laura gropes her way through zigzag hutongs; needless to say, Tianjin hashing crackajacks lose out on the sign once in a while, such as Short Shift and Dumb Ass; West Side Farter sticks out a mile to opt for the right bearing all the time; Spermaid pushes forward with his solitary; a handful keep quiet to tail off the pace of front-runners like Finger Your Dough and Just Youshan; Comes With Milk is little short of ones being faster than her; and so forth.

With cold beer’s expectation of most hashers, after a long distance trudge through streets and alleys and snaking through an impressive long man-widened tiny hutong, the first beer stop at last emerges the minute turning right corner in an alleyway, where good riddance to mugginess slacks up wayworn hashers. Shortly afterwards, small group of walkers guided by walking hare, Shaken Not Stirred converge on the first meeting point as well. Insouciant breeze drifts dry hot air, shipping the motive power of hashing march.

Wedging into a peculiarity of finanical compound, magnificent and wraparound. In the event that the hare wouldn’t call back, hardly image how many path in vain the hashers could make a roundabout course, well, what a stroke of luck in hashing in such a way! Crossing the carrefour with flickering red and green lights, scaling the overpass and sinking the tunnel, coming together with the walkers at the gate of eco-garden, lining up into the greenery with a petty ticket, round and round along with a winding cemented mini-parkway, leading out of the archway of this nursery garden, going over a street athwart, the hare reminds the Beer Near at the fore. Some runners still missed until the big group come to standstill at a small shop on roadside as second beer stop. It lasts over 10 mins for sitting, talking and drinking.

Again, under a tutelage of the hares, the hashers worm their way through a resident community perpendicular to another entrance for a wide mainroad. Certain hashers has measured the trail that has surpassed over 13k, On Your Knees murmurs no wonder she feels exhausted, for it’s actually longer hashing trail instead of long time of what she didn’t work out than she thought; along the an avenue by an avenue, rotating to the restaurant and then takes 5mins to walk to an open garden for a clearing as a down-down circle. Cum Shot sources a full bag of diverse fruits.

A fairish location arouses a nympholepsy from which many locals are surrounding more and more to watch a hashing circle. D&C as GM in Hash frock with swarm of hashing patches and a pair of red-rimmed shades presides over the performance; sure, 3 hares–especially 2 females in short boxers are cheered in the circle for a drink and a drink; proceeding the procedure an item by an item. Transylvestite scores his 69th Beijing Run Patch to step in for a toot and later on, giving his rise to throw up a bit outside the circle; Bjorn Again hosts for awhile triggers a fit of boffo from the hashers; CTD assists PB to serve the hashers for tipping the beer; singing Hash songs and merriments of the hashers dance and skitter round the crowded audience. SNS’s 2 nieces and 1 nephew as younger hashers drink the water only in the circle; Just Wendy also drinks water in silence, too and what not. In the end, D&C whoops, “Orgy!Orgy!” bringing along the hashers’s concerted yell. The half stay to taste a local food.

Let’s see a local old saying, “the autumn begins in the morning would be cool for the next; the autumn begins at night would be too hot to be alive for a cow.” The autumn begins this year in Beijing was at 10:02 PM, August 7, 2014. The criterion for regeneration and degeneration all the way varies between the inside and outside, the temperature dominates the vector and the time’s just a recorder.
On On
Pickle Boy

Beijing, Tuesday,
August 12, 2014