Kirlian Device

With the help of an instrument called the Kirlian Device has found a way to map wireless networks using beams of light and this technique has been associated with so-called paranormal research.

When a person homes on the bus at night alone, cannot wait to take out 2 pinup postcards again that presented from Eratica in the circle of the afternoon, which are a host of staffers of News Plus Radio with some presenters’s signatures and pep words such as Manling and Christopher, which wets the eyes of Pickle Boy—- not merely the single exploring the brightness in the dark; not merely the hasher experiencing the power of truth.

There is a new mark exhibiting on the trail, called Fishing Hook, also the drawing on the ground looks like a fishing hook, should any first 3 hashers encounter it, they must run back to the rear of hashing line-up, lo and behold! Bitch Be Cool, Rabbit and PB. What’s more, many chalk marks on the ground have been trampled away by the roaders, at that time, Noah’s Arse as hare dictates a right direction to move forward. Some Open Check’s marks were painted a shape of piglet.

The A to B running way activates on the order of 40 hashers to be a start from Paddy’s bar to a legendary Malaysian restaurant as an ending point. Pussy Nibble has her hands full in collecting Hash Cash and CumShot with recovery from her malaise shows a flash in an image in snow-white one-piece dress pairing with high-heels and cardinal rouged lips. A limousine loads up all bags of the hashers to reduce the burden of hashers.

The trail strikes a highball to the structured block by the embassy block with beelines and beelines. Dreaming Semen and Eratica are way ahead. A Three Ways at a small crossroad opens the distance, the backwards on the right track outpace the forwards, CC tressing 2 strings of swellish tiny braids swagging her cheek flank sprints for gung ho appearance’s sake; Just Yolk speeds up by leaps and bounds and has missed some marks and has to retrace her steps though.

No amount of florid vigour in the public could overshadow the hashing movement in rich hues. Jumping on a foot bridge and slipping into a ticket-free garden, Just Kevin leads the way but sometimes the newcomers still can’t be in a habit of crying out for a sign or nothing so as to keep a connection with the others any minute. The retired locals play majhong in twos and threes with dolce far niente. There is a call from the hashers far away for a way out.

The first beer stop on sidewalk of a high street is stationed by high-flying hashers, both the runners and 1/3rd walkers in the lockstep. The cold beers ease transient fatigue of the hashers, spinning off a puff of oxytocin for nonstop topics, Shaken Not Stirred’s 2 nieces and 1 nephew still prevent teen’s no-no from the alcohol; Cums With Milk seems to be trophy child for younger generation; The unknown hashers are whispering and drinking. The break for minutes fuels up the hashers to hit the next march.

The marks for Oh, Shit have been a bit much more. If spotting a positive orientation, it’s a pure fluke. A pathlet lined up the willow trees along a canal of city leads up to an end and then makes a turn for another wide main streets and crossroads and remains straight, winding through a length of embassy area, along with the front street and ring road. Fire In The Hole and On Your Knee jog neck and neck; some start to chitchat like Indiana Jones, Hot Down Self and CC on foot.

Turning right into a resident quarter, Dazed &Confused helps to mark some routes, cutting through a big swath of indoor market, PS sources some products. Opening check a certain gamut with 3 directions as soon as breaking out of this nice market, Eratica first locates a signed trail and scuttles for a little far for nothing. The hare calls back to be on right to cross a red-green light, luckily, the hare, Finger Your Dough shouts out the second beer stop opposite the street on a wayside.

The runners first reach at second midpoint for drinking and talking. Who’s Red Wienie does not drink any drop with a silence; Heart On, Comes On Vacation, PS and ladies chew the fat; the walkers show up guided by walking hare, Creamy Lips whislt the runners are poised to set out, a matter of fact, there are only 2 walkers can drink, such as Crash Test Dummy and Bjorn Again. Maybe there are more ladies or more abstinents, no much beer to be drank off.

Going on check a strange area but seems be familiar along the street and making a left to a quiet resident community wafting the aroma of cooking seafood and meat. In aid of the hare, moving out to a broad road and barging in an open garden, where a sheet of flawless white petunias are thrown up by a carpet of greenery on the soil, in a moment of distracting from it, easily losing the way in forgetting to seek the mark. Just Huihui’s left knee in bandage makes her hirpled and her moon-eyed asks when can be destination.

Dashing about the physical limitation, now and then catching the ears on a ripping bellow from Eratica afront, “On On!” following the filing hashers, crossing a busy intersection to a secluded lane, all of a sudden, the hare calls here we are, entering a magnificent manorial villas. Some hashers have sat along with man-made marbled 80cm-widened 50cm-deepened rivulet afloat and soaked in barefoot, that pleasure fails the words. It takes about 15 mins to hang on for some going astray, such as WRW, CC, CWM, HDS and newcomers.

The circled rite is held in such a setting, marble ground, crocket flowerbed, fresh tranquility and a meandering riverlet inserting the hashing circle underfoot and sideward, readily standing in the water within one’s grasp, as if playbacking to Arcadia. The hares hand out the cookies and brownies to the hashers. D&C as GM and COV as RA by turns emcees the triumph of the hashers to melt into this wonderland in the hubbub of downtown.

A la the procedure of Hashing nation. Cheering for 3 hares; birling, gifting and singing Hash song for 6 newcomers; some latecomers; COV obtains a glittery metal mug for her Beijing 100th run and likewise for she’s a minded hasher through and through, bumpering, hurrahing and singing Hash song to her; PN scores her BJ 10th run patch with the cheers and merriments; a cock of shame renders a drink for 3 hares’s lapse and gifts the quality socks of beer bottle for them;

4 Malaysian hashers come out to sing a Malaysian song to congratulate on Indonesian National Day, such as CL, FITH and others; certainly are there other shows from the hashers and what have you. The exode goes for Swing Low precented by COV with 3 versions, bodily and tutti. While the cope of night falls, a substantial meal has been primed beside earlier by the hares as well as the bottles of distinctive wines. The half of hashers stay to gobble up this outdoor Malay supper. After that, a group head for Paddy’s nearby.
On On!
Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,
August 19, 2014