House-Sized' Asteroid to Buzz Earth

On Sunday (Sept. 7, 2014), a house-sized (20 meter (60 foot) wide) asteroid is flying past Earth at a distance of only 20,000 miles—that’s one-tenth of the distance from the Earth to the moon—possibly giving some Southern Hemisphere sky-watchers a glimpse pre-dawn on Monday.

Mid-Autumn Festivel is an united day for families & friends like Hashers.
Circa forty earthlings with similar genome rejoice groove of Hash event.
14 walkers liftes up to take 4 boats to break into dimples of lake in park.
A first-of-its-kind 2nd beer stop occurs by water via 4 boats in multiples.

HeadMistress as primary walking hare plans trail and entertains walkers;
Master Baker as veteran walking hare gets along in his power in details;
Pickle Boy as walking hare misfits walking trail with marking running way.
Yikes! None of running hare’s beyond example scrubs whilom highlights.

Happy laughters and cheerful voices from walkers like Karate, Pa Baker
Crash Test Dummy,Bjorn Again,,Just Mat,Just Santra,Just Youshan,etc.
Runners like a shot move back along lake bank brush past walkers afloat
like a family of newcomers,Just Chloe,Bearded Clam,Rubbit,Pussy Nibble,

Breakfast Included,Just Yogi & Hard To Live With,etc’re out of bearing;
6 Kuai Short goes out of his way to attend Beijing Hashing charmingly;
Eratica goes to great lengths to steam ahead as his last run in BJ Hash;
Walkers & runners gather at 1st beer stop in a lane, Chippendales first.

Down-down circle lands in small parking lot enclosed fence rail to show.
Dazed & Confused as GM prefaces with anchored process one by one;
9 newcomers accept a welcome ceremony by Hash song and souvenir;
Watercooler moment’s that Urine Trouble uses a big roll of Scotch tape

to tie up topless CTD a layer by a layer tightly and Heart On is strapped
up with Just Gabriela that can’t distinguish from punishment and award;
Lost In Marks and Spencer as RA delivers an Anglican speech for awhile;
Spermaid finally wins his BJ 50th run patch since 8 years of Hash event;

Hot Down Self endearingly tells hashers of her new running shoes that
is bound to be poured a rummer of beer with her a new shoes chalice;
3 hares are hailed to swig over and over till swimming in beer together.
Unfailing whoop for Orgy led by GM,19 eaters slurp scanty tasty hotpot.

On On
Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,
September 09, 2014