Higgs Boson Power

Stephen Hawking says ‘God Particle’ could wipe out the universe. Higgs boson produced after two protons collide. Higgs boson is about 126 billion electron volts, or about the 126 times the mass of a proton. This turns out to be the precise mass needed to keep the universe on the brink of instability. The Higgs field emerged at the birth of the universe and has acted as its own source of energy and suggests every particle also has a supersymmetric partner particle. The existence of these other particles would help stabilize the universe.

Where are the walkers? A small group of walkers are not eyed at two beer stops all along led by walking hare, Heart On, who carves out a fresh way for white-headed walkers including CumShot, Crash Test Dummy, Karate, Just Mat, Bjorn Again and so on, in particular Jizzy Shelter who can walk and be restoring the injury on his leg from car accident months ago thanks to goodness. Subequal 20 Hash runners effectuate a wonderful run on a familiar Hash trail to the letter.

On issuing an order for Open Check from GM, Dazed and Confused in the beginning, Chokes One Out scuds ahead of scattering hashers, but with a far distance, a filing hashers can see nothing about Hash sign. The hare, Waiting For It, has to correct it to Hashing path in a reverse direction. Seems it’s been conventional to make a bit tough outset for hashers.

Soon enough, the gap of idle curiosity of the hashers is plugged by following a regular sign system, with wide-mouth for On On, the mark of Open Check are altered to the chalk drawing of flying pigs and heart-shaped on the ground, as if implying lord voldemort to be regenerated by the love, salute the hares for their aborative design. Clambering to a foot bridge, Lost In Marks and Spencer and Pickle Boy head down to check one way from Two Way along a cramped canal bank until digging out third mark calling for Oh, Shit in a long distance. Just Kevin and Shaken Not Stirred trot afront of the hashers along with the mark in another way. At last, at other Flying Pig for Open Check on a bridge, the laggards get together with hashers again.

Cutting through a treelawn on the side of thoroughfare, passing through a over 600 years old of pagoda for some hashers clicking a postured picture, Heart-shaped Open Check spreads the hashers anew, restless ones keep checking prospective marked trail, like a big spaghetti ovepass, even as suspecting the route for unmarked one, Noah’s Arse as other hare jogs out an aspect in her unique way, without a doubt, tag on to her to slip in the track of hashing trail, whilst coming down the bridge and turn right, first beer stop meets the eyes of hashers inside sidewalk of a green belt. Drinking and talking play well. The locals are astonished to observe the hashers as an international group of people, and hand out a bag of wedding candies to hashers. Breakfast Included gnaws her favorite icecream as always; Just Chloe’s back calf are swelled two pimples by mosquito close to her vivid tattoo that a tantalizing big feather of peacock blows somethings, mosquito’s bite for sweet blood or this tattoo? A local no-frills toilet, a tiny cube without window, once opening the door, poignant fetor paws at any entrant, so the hashers rather endure self-emergency than stepping in this such a so-called public toilet. To open check in a second!

Cunt Kind runs at full speed as the crow flies till a crossroad for a Flying Pig, finally On Your Knee spots a way into a touch of campus of an institution. Zigzag lush little woods and a row of teaching buildings as well as busy ballpark, check nothing for awhile, WFI guides the hashers to run out of it. And then climber a foot bridge afresh and move in an ecological small park, a cluster of bamboo and a petite fishing lake line up on two sides of tiny trail. It wises up the people to relax here for best bet. Appreciate the hares’s arrangement for the hashers. Just Kevin sticks out a mile with his staying power by exploring the sign hither and thither until he first hit the mark at second beer stop on kerb. BI waves another pop-sickle; the hashers sit together to wait for walkers for a short time, with bibulousness and chitchat. Still cannot see the shadow of walkers and via phone calls to directly home restaurant for gathering. When calling to move on, Pussy Nibble sitting on the ground by crossing her legs can stand up without hand supporting on the ground, it stuns PB who tries to mimic with a couple of failures.

Not too far along with residential quarters a block by a block, rotating back to restaurant for breathing space. 15 mins later, the walkers eventually show up. The habit-forming circle to this effect is seated in a small empty lot in front of a tiny bank as before. D&C as GM and LIMS as RA in turn moderate the performances of hashers. 4 new comers are received Hash baptism by little souvenir and Hash song. 3 lady hares are accepted a gratitude from the hashers by swigging the water not beer a round by a round, strewth! Just drinking water! NA sings a vocal solo with mezzo-soprano for her leaving BJ, that wins a salvo of bravo from the hashers. Some locals and bank security guards become Hashers’s audience ticket-free. CumShot scoring her Beijing 111th run patch has to sip some beer. Just Yogi wearing a new bouffant hairdo drinks for her outstanding act. Just Mat as usual gargles his bottle of saki. Some cannot stop smiling in high glee, like Hebei Horse Herpes, Finger Your Dough and newcomers,etc. LIMS makes an inventory of showy situation with elocution that seems to convey Magna Carta for hashers and spectators. And then ends up he leads a chorus of Swing Low accompanying the hashers at body language in 4 editions to be sui juris. About 17 hashers enjoy a dulcet local dinner and then the most march to Paddy’s for further drinking and surplus of passion.

God grants the people the serenity, to accept the things the people can’t change. The courage to change the things the people can and wisdom to know the difference.
On On!
Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,
September 23, 2014