Special, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-based

Celebrating new year of human religions for Gnostic to follow the aureole of divinity of nature for guiding Psychics prowling between brightness and darkness and warning Hylics pursuing material world ruled by devilry with lack of Binary Opposition.

Humdinger day basks about 30 Hashing elitists in civic ecotope. Innovative hare, Discount Dildo marked whole running trail but goes to lead some walkers, ChippenDale as her only co-hare mis- directs every runner to be hare, not least post-second beer stop.

Hoity-toity! The running area is familiar to hashers by good luck. A bracing lakeside circle jazzes up hashers, DD shies away from the circle with compunction and tears. Her phone powered off in beginning is apple of discord and C’D’s slapdash never advises.

Black Hole as latecomer flashes in the circle and some abandon
the circle like Shaken Not Stirred and newcomers; Just Jasmine
gets lost up to the hilt in slow motion and disappears all ends up;
Lost In Marks and Spencer as RA and Dry Hole emcee the show.

Just Ping An and Quid Pro Blow attempt to serve hashers beer;
Prancing Queen and Bjorn Again substitute the hare to drink in;
Sure did, C’D as sole hare is called in to be punished by swilling;
Green belt’s shot thru with clarion Hash canticles by DH and PQ.

Crash Test Dummy and Pickle Boy won Hash glory ranked No.2
out of 9 groups of players for 9 games held by Paddy’s last night
are hailed for swig;Hot Down Self goes somewhere to solace DD;
Night falls to curtain Hash play, 15 eaters dine tardy hearty food.

On the chance that Hashing sashay will demonstrate a difference.
At the outset hashers easily ferret out a sign in alley to move on
bustling bar streets by the side of a lake. Just Allan confuses with
a reverse mark and Wait For It decides to keep forward like a bird.

Perhaps the weather is exta nice, hashers’s paces are excess agile
such as DH, PQ, Twinkle Balls, etc.,and comes as no surprise lady
runners lead the way like Just Kat,Just Marj,Chokes One Out,etc,
some’re far dropped behind,e.g,Finger My Dough and newcomers.

At several befuddled Open Check points, laggards can catch up
and pacemakers running afront in wrong direction hang back,too
such as LIMS, PB, Horny On Top,etc., sometimes have to await
a guidance from C’D whom oft chalks new marks and complains.

First beer stop is located on sidewalk, hashers hold on for awhile,
still cannot see the wakers coming up, On Your Knees as always
meet a handful of vicarious hashers to drink water together only;
C’D runs like mad to buy garden tickets for hashers beforehand.

Whisking in a former imperial garden and step up to hilltop for a
panoramic view of Imperial Palace backside,taking group photos.
Descending hill to rush out of it and hit wayside second beer stop.
Breakfast Included buys 3 potatoes;local pedicab rubs COO’s leg.

To make short work of final stretch, tellingly no any sign midway.
Without C’D, hashers have to home by the seat of hashers’s pants.
For better or worse,all hashers pinpoint restaurant in the ultimate.
A dite of frustration drags limousine liberal and jackaroo in meme.

On On…
Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,
September 29, 2014