Juniper's Europa

The Earth mission returns to the Jupiter system to explore beneath the ice of Europa. Since 2000, astronomers had detected 50 planets orbiting other stars, while today that number has grown to more than 1,000 and will have identified more than a million exoplanets by the year 2045.

Perchance demiurge is a hasher as well. All but at a time when Hash event on Sunday happens, the weather will show a nice day to back up, today all the same and breaks off preceding continuous one-week severe smaze, or a game of luck. Clear-cut mark system bulks large, specially for latecomers, alone catching up with hashing group with straining one’s eyes, damn all negligent, at time having to ask the locals to make sure the trail at a turning, passing thru streets and alleys, a zigzag long hutong recounts life’s status quo in a wild village with a few schmutz sites where any passer-by has to hold one’s breath against suffusive fetor, a canonical trash trail! Notwithstanding in the vicinity of northeast 4th-5th rings road.

Cutting through a wood lot and rushing along the ring road in terms of evident sign and moving forward, then on the right, over 10 hashing walkers shamble ahead led by walking hare, Master Baker. Latecomer shouts in an excited tone, “Ahoy! Walkers!” Crash Test Dummy answers in high pitch, “Pickle Boy, you’re late!” Very soon, stepping in an upscale residential community, there’s a clean and neat lawn that nearly 30 hashing runners are taking a break by sitting and standing surrounding a table on which a couple bottles of beers and brimful cups placed as first beer stop. Later on, Chippendale turns up as latest comers. Eagle and Jingo romps around, much more talking and greeting each other in knots than drinking. Running hares, Ferrari and Comes On Vacation clear up the table.

Seems endless train of thought and beyond as soon as starting on some topics. Running with discussing senses the time flying, now and then hearing a sonorous muffle, “On On!” it must be Filthy Habit, following the hashing line-up along the roadside and a riverlet, at Open Check, some rummage about every which way, they are Waiting For It, Quid Pro Blow, Red Snatcher, Creamy lips and newcomers. Some keep chatting at a leisure pace such as Honey I’m Late, Jizzy Shelter, Just Eva, Who’s Your Dada, Cums With Milk, Heart On jogs more her rhythm apparently, all of a sudden it bodes well for small supermarket at a busy corner as second beer stop the hashers reach. Just Steven as newcomer mentions he’s from Idaho that calls Life Of Pee to mind and there is a distance that just spends 2 hours from his town to LOP’s place; Dazed & Confused and COV sing Hash song to the phone call from Banana Hammock. Space and Time is being shrunk by hashers. And then the walkers appear.

West Side Farter and WFI attune to run afront as flagship. While brushing past a length of railway, a flock of local kids throng around the hashers with laughters and merriments and 2 local young ladies ask PB how to join Hash. PB writes down Hash website to them. Cramped trail fills with the stagger rows of vehicles. A dirver cranes his head and whoops for hashers, “JiaYou !(Come on) JiaYou! I love the run, too” Loping along with parkland and living apartment building quarter. At the moment Just Allan finds nothing for mark. Some with good memory raise one’s head to observe hashers’s restaurant seating no far away at the fore opposite a hustling street, even a bit traffic jam. While entering the restaurant, the walkers are signing their names on a red hashing jersey for JS’s leaving. A agog down-down circle is settled in a parking lot right before restaurant.

2 cases of cold beers steam a stream of chill, once cracking open some bottles of beers, quickly exuding some icy beery smoothie like a kind of beer geyser. The hashers drink beyond caring, some not. Hashing procedural performance hosted by D&C as GM in dressing new dark color GM frock inlaid with swarmed Hash patches, RAs, COC and Lost In Marks and Spencer baptizes 4 newcomers with souvenir each and signature Hash song; Shaven Not Stirred as usual emblazons with a whole black evening dress from top to bottom, chic! Whose Red Wienie comes forward to suggest something; Plattering Pussy belts out Hash song differently that juices up the scene; COV and FH duet tacit trolls with melodious modulation in cadence that perk up the hashers; CTD scores his Beijing 50th run mug; CumShot coordinates the restaurant’s owner to give more time for Hash circle using a parking lot; Bearded Clam urges the hashers to enlist for Boxer Hash event; COV rarely leads a tutti with all hashers in an only pantomime for Swing Low as a result of beautiful Hash event. More than 10 hashers enjoy a local delicious meal.

Some birds are not meant to be caged, their feathers are just too bright.

On On…
Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,
October 14, 2014