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Glancing around the surrounding, waves of open verdant grassland where there are more than 50 hashers in identical neo-green jersey scattering to grope the wisps of white powder or shredded paper on the trail as the sign, as though a platoon of irradiate fireflies are flittering on a vast expanse of green wilderness stretching to far horizon where a range of thin bleary sapgreen hills link up to a clear blue sky with blossoming clouds, it’s none other than the first running place on grassland and the hasher’s limo bus drops off all hashers about lunchtime of Saturday. 2 Tianjin hares have gone out of sight of hashers earlier such as Short Shift and Dumb Ass.

Bearded Clam calls out a mark ahead from a distance of a quarry and spinney; Pussy Nibble swerves to wuthering whoop from the hashers; Just Julian turns around her direction to tag on to the calling at once; and the runners overtake a host of Tianjin walkers, rows of flat crop field under the hashers’s very eyes refreshes the hashers, nonstop clicking the cameras. Just Greg speeds up with his vigorous strides; Benz Over in tandem with Grasshopper quietly jog along with this tempting view; while hopping on a bitumen to move on for awhile, nothing can be found, a tallowy Friesian cow tied to a stump is waving the hashers with her wagging tail. Just Julian tends to approach to this cow for a close greeting, however the hashers persuade her of keeping it from nearing the cow because of her red running shoes. The safety is top priority at all time.

A villager walking a donkey dragging a cart points a way for the hashers with elusive accent. Kiss My Maple Leaf runs too far with no sign and has to double back to check other routes; Noah’s Arse asks Red Snatcher ‘this way and that way’ in Chinese language time and again; Shaken Not Stirred capped a slouch straw hat follows the hashers’s line-up; finally BC spots a way out anew by his exciting shout, “On On…” Urine Tourble lopes off to BC; Teddy Secret is in habit of making a pose to rush over that seems to seek a candid camera; Sweet and Furry marches with her constant speed for observing more scenic spot; PN is first one to aware that the hashers are supposed to go back as the others run afront without a mark too far; the openness easily causes the hashers to voidableness. BO crosscuts a vastness to rise to a cry, “On On…” lagging Spermaid treads on the heels of BO to lead the way instead; NA with limped hurt knee sticks to jog forward that demonstrates a dogged spirit of Hashers.

The landform is like a semidesert with growing up knee-deep small bunch of grass piecemeal on sparse grassland. Just Amy kicks off to her agile strength of her legs by catching up with faster runners; at a turn, SS as hare awaiting on the hashers reminds the beer near round the corner; Just Andy is good at jumping rugged trail with some ditches from time to time; Jizzy Shelter is faster to be a meeting point; shortly hitting the first beer stop and hasher’s bus move over hereabout for minutes. Tianjin Hash GMs, Sperm Bank and Powder Puff hurry on cracking open ice-cold beer for the hashers and then a group of walkers arrive at it as well. Drinking and talking relax the hashers, some sit on the grassland, Just Sam and UT enjoy the massage from SF and Who’s Your Dada; Just Peter, Just Flo, Just Shidanfan and Just Julian form a team; NA sits for reading; SNS switches on her mp3 and a speaker to air finger-popping music; Nut Pirate sits on the grassland and doesn’t want to move anymore; Just Sammy likes to mash Crash Test Dummy with her motions; Just Christina seems a bit shyness to remain silent; taking a break lasts nearly 20 mins.

SB urges the hashers to open check; cutting through a small woods and notice a pasture where a couple of cows in an interval of distance moo towards the hashers, which seems telling the laggard hashers how to head for and sticking around a crop field, then move on a dusty pathlet next to the woods, 2 hares have standed there to hold on the second beer stop; PP fillets the ham to serve the hashers; a group of hashers starts to sway with blare from music speaker such as SNS, TS, S&F, Hebei Horse Herpes, WYD, Just Sam,etc; BJ GM, Dazed & Confused discusses with SB for schedule tete-a-tete; 2 hares nip away beforehand like smoke; about 20 mins of break launches the hashers into another bout of hotfooting it. And seldom self-driving travellers park their car close to the hashers’ bus.

Passing through a tract of punky sandlot and tiny wooded area, there is an engaging low-lying land ushering the hashers up a mound, while reaching the top, meeting the eyes for a natural triangled greenery, in the middle, there are erecting a subset of trees, seems looking at an alien artwork, bizarre and queer, the sure thing is to snap many pictures for that, while threading through a bosk, a villager brings a big cow to traipse and pooh, pooh on the trail ejecting out of cow’s crupper, the hashers have to stave it off to move forward, along a ditch and traverse the rows of houses, unpeopled, Red Snatcher guides a group of hashers to a shitty trail for a short time and then have to find another road, a beeline of asphalt road, down there, keeping running along the mincing paper and on right, free-standing hashers’s bus and hashers’s circle is underway.

TJ GM, SB garlands a toilet seat pad emcees the hashers’s affairs in the circle; TJ GM, PP and other TJ female hashers are busy with pouring the beer for the hashers a round by a round; newcomers, latecomers and long-time-no-sees emerge their faces in accordance with process of Hash, then working 2 hares into the circle as well. Punishments and awards all are represented by birling the beer a trick by a trick. With that, for nationality’s drinking, Germany, American, Chinese, Russia, France and so on respectively the group steps in the circle, singing Hash songs and merriments echo a capacious forest, Just Shidanfan cannot stop yelling at, “One German drinks, all Germans drink.” The naming time for 2 hashers, a TJ hasher known as Spread Your Thais and a BJ hasher, Nicole for Itchy Tits after hot discussion on site, as old rule, kneeing down in the circle and embracing a beer baptism by which the hashers gush their beers on hand over the acceptees’s bodies. Who can resist the allure of hilarity including the nature, indicating a bright induction overhead an elate dancers-shaped cloud being flapped and the leaves of trees being rustled with cheerfulness, the zephyr like seraph is transfering the blessing to all directions.

Unknowingly it’s going dark, fluttering to a patch of flat grassland, with a rare trees as provisional toilet, the hashers start to pitch their tents for a camping party distributed by Vibrating Bunny and then shifting to a restaurant where all hashers gormandize a local homely dish quickly.

When coming back the camping place at 10pm or so, it’s been pitch-dark, there is a cauldron filling with faggots on fire and the part of hashers turning on flashlights for bonfire party. Pickle Boy in beer plays the songs with his guitar at the mercy of an electronic torch by the hashers until a duo guitars show performs by Just Sam and UT brings the hashers to a trace of tranquility, in particular junior JS listening to captivation; then TJ hashers duo ladies dancing show takes the hashers into a magic world rendered by PP and Nobody Secret; and then a big speaker strikes up a world of disco for stirring up the group dance around the bonfire, such as KMML, SNS, HHH, JS, S&F, PB, Just Shidanfan, WYD, PN, Itchy Tits, Just Christina, RS and so on; and a handful of hashers cook shish kebab organized by DA; in between, UT twangs his guitar’s string to be broken; Just Nancy solely from Qingdao joins this Hashing trip but in the very beginning, she is still under the weather, right now she is getting back on her feet; nevertheless some broach a suggestion if dancing over night, don’t need tomorrow for a hashing, of course, it would not be, no matter what it happens today, the hashing way has to carry it on tomorrow likewise. So some go to hit the sack, some still follow through till the daybreak with rattling musics and slight rain in wee hours, stunningly no mosquito sucks the blood and only neighbor could be disturbed by hashers’ s noise is the ants drilled their petty holes on the ground anywhere.

Around 9:30am of Sunday morning, 3 Sunday hares such as PP, RS and PB deliver the breakfast to drowsy hashers like fresh local milk, hot coffee and eggs. RS is intoxicated in her swaying body solo along with Latin dancing music from the big speaker; packing the stuff and being ready to head for the hills’s hashing at 10:30am after 4 hares set a trail return to the camping site, they are KMML, RS, NS and PB and provide a simple instruction in a circle for A to A hashing without beer stop. Sleepy hashers are bound to a new hashing trail for running one and walking one managed by RS for different hilltops.

Passing by the sands and the ditch, the runners see a spacious terrain surrounded by a large encircled valley and opposite it, there are a long succession of hills, if defining it, it is supposed to be called big mounds, there are a range of stepped massifs rather than stone, blanketing a layer of drought-enduring grasses and rubbles, between times, can encounter some soniferous locusts jumping and scarce vole scrurrying. If crossing a 5m-deepened valley, need a spark of courage but can locate the lax slopes for both sides as entry and exit. Some hashers still stay running are less such as Dumb Ass, Short Shift, Bearded Clam, Pussy Nibble, Just Greg and so forth, with climbering posture. When the walkers clamber up to a hilltop, the runners crosscut a way on hillside and detour to far opposite hilltop and still have a transverse down and up of valley and up to bare hill, upon the arrival of hilltop, the runners enjoy a bird view for down scenery, taking the pictures for sure and Just Amy is excited to exclaim for 2 mins run; as if it’s a weathered natural mega-golf court.

Just Peter and Just Julian make a roundabout to go back, luckily always tread on the hashing track because open sight can give the hashers a panoramic view, preceding hashers in neo-green sportwear are eye-catching in a distance, is like mobile mark. Cutting through the crop field that the most famous cash crop is linseed that produces linseed oil reputedly and cassava as well as beas plants, at last, coming across a floured mark, crying it out without doubt, passing through small woods, the hashers’s white bus in sparse trees can be eyed from far away. It takes nearly one hour to make a big loop down and up lie of the land and take a break for mins, then BJ GM, Dazed & Confused convenes a celebrating circle at the camping site.

Both TJ and BJ GMs officiate at the hashers’s titbits; 4 hares are called in the circle for a drink again and again; Bjorn Again dressing a long T-shirt, hold on, maybe a short skirt, just he looks like a lady’s figure anyhow, and screaming to tease D&C, no, should call it as “flirt!” UT has double identities as TJ and BJ hashers wins his 10th BJ Run Patch; TJ GM and hashers are still up to their elbows in servicing the hashers the beer; D&C makes an inventory of the hashers’s shows in bonfire party last night one by one; German group are cheered in the circle for a drink with German song; PB is searched out for a punishment because he littered an empty mineral water bottle around hillside just now, although he picked it back, it’s really shameful and must drink more in the circle; it’s high time for Oleya to attain her Hash handle because she walked on the trail with her dazzling blue striped white bikini top, subsequent to a short altercation by the hashers, as a matter of course, going for Pekinisky Bikinisky, the hashers’s hurrah and beer shower over her body on her knee in the center of circle and Hash song congrats her achievement; HHH, S&F and WYD dance a minor melody with swinging their bodies perk up the hashers for a new round of acclaim; D&C shouts, “Orgy! Orgy!” that the hashers following suit come to an end.

TJ GM, PP with her team have prepared a picnic food like beef and potato, black fungus, fried egg and rice. The most tuck in this outdoor luncheon, after that, taking a break and SB summons a on-bus to back to Beijing about 2:40pm, once exhausted hashers get on, soon having a nap and SB calls thrice pee times for body stretch out of bus along the way home and twice traffic jams; some apparently develop the imprint of sunburn on face, arms, neck and shoulders in varying degree; PP hands out a number of banana and snack and cake for replenishment of hashers; PB plays the part of Chinese songs with his guitar on bus for refreshment; while the bus arrive at ending point in Beijing, it’s approx 10:00pm of Sunday night for a 3 hours of vehicle journey, where the bus also picked up about BJ 30 hashers at 10:00pm of Friday night going and about 1:00am at midnight, fortunately there were duo guitar players made a show on buse by Just Sam and UT, enabled the hashers sensing the humdrum time flying away and checked in motel hotel of Zhangjiakou as soon as got to the destination for ensuring a good sleep, so that had a high spirit in Saturday morning at 10:00am to depart for the first running place at lunchtime.

It hereby thanks for huge efforts from TJ & BJ GM and all hashers who helped to make this a sucessfull event. The Hash event connects our friendship wherever the Hasher go.
On On…
Pickle Boy

Beijing. Tuesday,
August 05, 2014