Seyfert galaxy

Seyfert galaxy, a very active type of galaxy with a bright core, driving rapid outflows of molecular hydrogen from the galaxy.

A quiff of breeze chases away the swelter of scorching day. 20 frolic swimmers of 40-odd hashers swim there and back for 3rd beer stop opposite bank of garden lake as a surprise, which’s first ever water trail and clots golden time to aeon.

Tickling their fancy in water for Transylvestite, Heart On, B**ch Be Cool, nibbles-ringed Urine Trouble, Pickle Boy, Black Hole, Shaken Not Stirred, Bearded Clam, Crash Test Dummy,Who’s Red Wienie,Pussy Nibble,Just Youshan,etc. Unprecedented 3 shots stops on trail with white,black and red respectively plays up a hashing passion of hashers, but some still keep out of spirits sucn as Sweet and Furry, Red Snatcher and so on, Pretty Woman with his lapdog bobs in.

Faster group neglects many meeting points and backtracks. Chippendale oft races ahead from one end to another one; Dry Hole has the upper hand by earlier awaiting at 1st beer stop on roadside,the most inch their way in zigzag hutongs.  A crack of thunder seems shower from sky, it turns out to be a rumbling call for On On from Filthy Habit that brings  along a concerted shout and scattered laugher from locals Just David in pink jersey and green-rimed sunglass revs up; A teen sprog is handsome in facsimile of dad, Jizzy Shelter; Honey I’m Late jogs in her rhythm looks like shimmy step; Butt and Paste perms a curled pompadour orange-dyed hair match up orange shirt, orange jean and orange shoes, chic!

At 2nd beer stop S&F buys watermelon to award hashers;
The hares stop at nothing to pick up hashers lying behind;
The sweat at loggerheads with sultriness transforms energy.
Cut-and-dried gelid beer at each breaking point’s last straw.

The rainbow of hashers’s echelon plows to and fro in sappy
streets and alleys in bustling downtown. A bravura in high
summer menses endeavour of our chummy triumviral hares
whom are 6 Kuai Short, Dog Pounder and Spank My Hide,

which is worthy of naming them as hashing-goo-goo truly
although all of them are a leaving team to distinctive vector,
Togetherness of Hasher’s beyond space and time carries on.
A fete circle’s sited in a tiny alley close to john and dinette.

Latecomers pop in a circle time like Karachi and unknowns;
Cums On Vacation as RA and DH host a hashers’s repertoire;
The hares are hailed in the circle to drink away stein by stein;
Suntanned SMH holds 6KS up for celebration of lady power.

5 newcomers are welcomed by a regular process of Hasher;
Songs, screams and merriments change off to spot high tides.
Latecomers and long-time-no-sees’re yelled in circle for swig;
The few don’t drink any drop of alcohol like Fire In the Hole,

Just Yanny, etc., A handful keep quiet like Just Andrew, Just
Mat and newcomers; Nut Pirate as usual jumps out his part
of caviling at the others for false accusation time once again;
COV tops off with Swing Low and the most eat dumplings.
On On…
Pickle Boy

Beijing, Tuesday,
July 29, 2014