Dear All,
Congratulations and thank you for being part of the 2012/13 Beijing Hash Mismanagement team! In case you forgot or didn’t realise that you now have a more important role than just getting drunk during the circle, let me remind you of who is who:
  • GM (Co-GM’s)
    Comes on Vacation and Pretty Woman
  • RA (Co-RA’s)
    Dazed & Confused and Jolly Green Knob
  • Hash Cash
    Black Turd
  • On Sec
    Doggie Fondue
  • Hare Razors
    Undulator, Dog Pounder, Banana Hammock and Nut Pirate 
  • Haberdashers
    Mind the Gap and Le Cunt
  • Hash Scribes
    Nowhere Man and Bearded Clam
  • Web Wanker
    Knob In Hood
Many thanks to Teflon Dick for having kept the flame burning so long from so far away. We are all looking forward to seeing or meeting you soon in Beijing.  Also many thanks to Dry Hole for these years of dedication but we’ll still get a chance to get you some down downs for that, and last but not least, A million thank’s to all the former mis-mannagement team for all the great effort made in the past year!
On on,
Doggie Fondue

On Sec