The equivalence principle tells us that every mass and every type of energy are affected by and generate gravity, so it should be possible to create gravitational fields using intense magnetic fields. The fluctuations in the magnetic field could help identify where continental plates are shifting and help predict earthquakes.

Three lurid fire trucks sneak away by the side of the second beer stop in a busy street where about 80 hashers in a great variety of red dresses fashion into an ocean of flaming red and raise the beer to salute firemen that seems to tell them – we hashers have cold beer in the hands, everything would be okay. Smiling firemen wave their hands for returning courtesy. Red Dress Hash saga spreads like wildfire. In fact, more and more people regard themed hashing as behavior art for public good and hashers this year in Red Dress Run would donate thousands yuan or more to a medical orphanage at www.chinalittleflower.org and different year is different donee.

The first beer stop is set a tiny lane and many locals act in concert to take photos for hashers spectacle in red. For those who’ve never seen hashers in such a way might hardly understand like in Hilbert space. Young locals first stay aghast and then guffaw, “What a beauty to death!” none of passers-by don’t come to a halt to observe hashers’s spatial region and wises up the ticky-tacky life can change into this hilarious style with hashers. Phantom Menace has snoozed in a zipped buggy.

Over thirty runners like hot magma flush into familiar streets and alleys because this’s been the third year for Red Dress Run nearby 798 Art District. At the structured indicators, Just the Tip, Lick It To Ride and No Shit Sherlock climb to the top to unfold Hash flag and snapping all runners picture as Hash Hold. Another half phalanx of walkers stroll around a separate trail like All In, Heart On, Godzilla Butt, Nobody Secret, Comes from the Rear, Inspect Her Gadget, Just Michael, Taxi Ride Her, Ezy Rider, Just Flora, Khclitleesi, Muschi Riot, Bruised Lee, Drill Me, 2 Stones 2 Many, Rambo Number Five, Pikachu and so forth. Just Leigh catches up for circle only.

PedalPhile loosing his long hair and garbing a backless dress is the first to spot the alpha mark in 798 Art District and all along keeps ahead with others like Mussels from Brussels, Just Ian, Pickle Boy, DickMocracy, Hard To Live With, Finger My Dough, Receding Down Under, Just Ram, Just Guoli, unknowns and virgins, etc. Herr Splashy Pants as hare now and then splits the marks; Whose Red Wienie wields a bitch slapper to spank the butts of hashers to quicken pace; three hares, HSP, Super Squirter and Melon Drama made use of huge arrows on the ground to mark a giant Hash marks.

Thanks a visiting hasher, C3 Pee Holes blows his bagpipe to contribute melodious music before starting the trail, which jazzes up the spot. Many hashers cannot help dance with Scottish rhythm, such as Swing & Furry, Karate, Lost in Marks & Spencer, Lick It To Ride, What the Fluff, Red Snatcher, Just Ian, etc.

The start circle and performance circle both are held by GMs Six Kuai Short adorning a chic pearl necklace and Agent Orgy, SKS at one moment has cracked his throat at the top of his excitement with a dissecting voice; Blister Fister functions as RA to bless the trail ringingly; there are fifteen virgins showing up and standing back to back to accept a welcoming ceremony with Hash song and floppy gift. A team of Hash Flashes photograph splendid moments for hashers like Just Xixi, Ass Tonguer, Bjorn Again and Just Judy; Bearded Clam, Just Dumb, AT and Mind the Gap each wins running patches; Dark Shaft acquires his shining mug and running patch; GMs are sheathed the Arm Cast to drink a high way; RA LiM&S leads a chorus of Swing Low in three editions at the end. Belgium beer called Vedett offers a good taste of cold beer to hashers in the circle.

Best Red Dress Qualia: Phantom who wears a queen pink sunbonnet with lacing flowers matches his a pink abbreviated dress; Dazed & Confused whose head is wrapped up with a red crab headwear that’s sorta inventive; Crash Test Dummy who attires a red skintight and makes the most of bra pocket to fill the stuff that outlines a funny profile; MD who puts on white boot and white silk ribbon coils up two tufts of buns and assorts a close-fitting red dress with passementerie and looks like a Chinese Fuwa.

Around forty hashers tuck in local palatable dinner on a roomy second floor as hashers space till being late. Some have stopped at nothing to find hexagonal close-packed structure to stand up with “neutrino detector”.

Lastly, it’s thankworthy of a nice day for a Sunday hashing that in the very beginning, smoking hot is oncoming wave after wave, however in the making of hashing, layers of cloud screens out radioactive sunray.

About 8 o’clock, Friday night, nearly twenty hashers gather downtown of Wangfujing street to kick off a Full Moon Hash once a month. FMH GM PedalPhile explains sporadical flour marks on the ground to one virgin and SperMaid rushes in as latecomer and then never see him any more; Hairy Crack volunteers to hare the first part of trail and tails away soon. And then a few walkers set off like Hash family- Phantom, Taxi Ride Her and Phantom Menace as well as Ezy Rider, Karate and virgin. After 5 minutes, GM orders a journey.

Temperature is moderate. Hashers shuttle back and forth in the street of a night life. An Open Check mark almost perplexes hashers. Six Kuai Short and No Shit Sherlock first light on a way out and crossing a hustling street and into a hutong to turn right into another hutong and Crash Test Dummy drops behind; Ass Tonguer jogs at a constant speed. Crossing an intersection and harking after marks southerly for minutes to hit the first beer stop. When runners and walkers get together and the other FMH GM Sweet & Furry holds a mini-speaker to blare Michael Jackson’s songs and Blister Fister, PP and Pickle Boy shake their bodies along the well-known finger-popping tunes; PP calls for a circle to single out the second hare by spinning a bottle and then points at Agent Orgy and shortly she makes tracks and walkers follow up.

Minutes later, runners scream to pursue. While arriving at a maze of hutongs, a loop of marks all but makes hasher to lose our way. Dry Hole finally locates the trail to break through a handful turnings in a dim and scanty hutongs and once turning the corner, reaching the second beer stop. Well done! Hares. Suddenly three local middle-age men approach to hashers, one of them points at PB and yells, “Is he your tour guide? Is he your leader? I’m tour guide as well before in this area.” He wanna speak more and is called away by his men. How baffling it is! S&F takes mini-speaker to play the music of Michael Jackson and Lick It To Ride mimics a moon walk dance; Heart On, AO and C3 Pee Holes can’t control to dance together; PP comes forward to hare the next and runs away.

It is every bit as turning up trumps to move forward smoothly until meeting an Open Check mark that disperses hashers and blots out discretion except by guess and by golly. Passing thru streets and alleys and striding over an overpass and then eyeing the third beer stop under a bridge for runners only. After a break for a short time, runners go the length of walking back to restaurant along the thriving commercial streets block by block. Ultimately only Filthy Habit and PB run back to. Walkers get back earlier. The circle is sited at an empty parking lot next to restaurant.

FM GM PP wearing GM helmet hosts a show; SKS hands out two pairs of white sequined glove to hashers. After rounds of drinks for three hares, RA BF hails out new RA LITR to be on his knees and makes up a blessing ritual for a RA position he took up before and awards him a life-like penis opener for his moon walk dance of Michael Jackson just now. A couple of Song Masters belt out Hash songs to inspire the spot like DH, Phantom and C3PH. LITR is cut for trading divinity with his devotion to compere several cheery “accusations” and then conducts hashers into howling over the moon that’s blocked in the sky. The half dine local meal.

On On…
Pickle Boy
Beijing. Tuesday,
June 21, 2016