In the year of 2021, patriots of Beijing, thirsty and hungover, will charge the hutongs of Andingmen. They will fight like warrior poets. They will fight like Hashers and they will win their beer. Forever!

They can take our freedom. But they will never take our beer!

It has long been foretold that on a wintery, February afternoon, the hashers of Beijing will rise up and compete in a Hashland Games. These Games are a test of power, strength and drinking-skill.

Fearless hashers, prepare your kilts and join us to make hash-history!

The Hashland Games:


Tug o’whores





Juicy Bla Bla, Head Misstress and Goblin’ King




Bag drop available. The trail is dog friendly if you are ok to walk around the parks and meet up with hashers later



Saturday, February 6th, winter hours so meet at 1:30 PM, Run start at 2:00 PM



Hash Cash:

30RMB (run, beer and circle)



Juicy Bla Bla birthday dinner at point A. Cost shared (estimated 70RMB). All hashers welcome!


Restaurant & Meet-Up Spot:

The Yunnan restaurant in Fangjia hutong (same courtyard as The Tiki Bunglow), Building G, No.46 Fangjia hutong, Dongcheng district

埃蒙小镇户外主题餐吧 (安定门店), 北京市东城区方家胡同46号G座


From Andingmen Exit B (line 2), head south down the road for about 500m, then take a left onto Fangjia hutong. Carry straight for about 400m until you reach a courtyard on your right.

Scan your health kit at the entrance to the courtyard then turn right. The restaurant is in the north west corner.

Total walking time from subway: 13mins