Antimatter fuel and engine allow the spacecraft to approach the speed of light. A trip to Proxima Centauri by an antimatter spacecraft takes more than 4 years, that’s the closest star to Earth and is about 4.2 light-years away.

It’s RoadKill’s FOYW run who brings in bottles of whiskey to share with over 30 hashers in a garden of digs quarter nearby Dongzhimen. GM Shanghai Man and proxy RA More Men by turns host the grand circle that’s moist and misty. 12 virgins are greeted with Hash etiquette. Little Shit Red Hood buys a bulky draft beer from Russian restaurant for the hashers, 5 kuai for each Yanjing, but a mild one. The hares Limp Fish Dick and RK transport crates of beer to hashers. The 2 hares and walking hare Just Allison are hailed to swipe together for their dedicated gig. Super Squirter comes late to work on Hash Flash. Eh! There’s another latecumer KiddiePoo. Mr. ED and Ms. ED respectively dress up a blue happy coat sewing up full of Hash patches. Just Tim is pulled to re-name. Subsequent to a round of nomination, You Cunt See Me more fits for the jungle camouflage coat he wore last time, and a storm of beer ablution from the hashers baptizes him on his knees in the circle, however as if he’s afraid of something by tucking his head into his T-shirt. Another naming for Just Allison ensues. RA MM just seeks advice for a little while, then yells out BDSamateur for her Hash Handle, with a cooling beer shower from the hashers for a blessing. To the last, GM SHM and RA MM co-lead a chorus of Swing Low in different versions, in particular, Disco one melting hashers into a paradigm shift. We rock the spot. 20 hashers drink Russian food and ride on the clouds to Paddy’s for a mirage.

An impressive trail is a shady canal bypath ushering the hashers into a straightforward and Boxer-like green vibe. Dry Hole as always darts ahead from here to there that he runs twice as far as the others. Just Matt jumps up and down with agility. Molotov Cock bicycles behind the hashers, such as Moose House, Crash Test Dummy, Dazed & Confused, Danger Zone, AutoBlow, Comes More Often, Finger My Dough, Breakfast Included, Just Kelly, Just Matthew and so on. 3 beer stops get the runners and walkers together. The episode at BS1 is Just Allison asking a local construction worker why he didn’t remind her to stay a safe area after he alerts the others. She shows she can speak Chinese language. Because there is a man doing construction work overhead the building of BS1, and something unsafe is falling. SHM, Beer Wolf with virgin pop in as latecumers; the funny thing at BS2 is it rains cats and dogs and soon the rain formed a puddle of water on the roadside. Nipple Kamekaze lies in the sewage and paddles in spreading eagle. The different fun at BS3 is Just Liz mentions her research on biology that does interest Pickle Boy. The walkers include Karate, Ass Tonguer, Lick It To Ride, Amy, Ponyo, virgins, etc. When the 17 runners arrive at a sequestered riverfront with steps, DH, SHM, PB, and NK plunge into the rising canal by rainwater for dipping. And all runners take a group photo for Hash Hold. All the world and his wife are on on cloud nine to get wet.

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Pickle Boy
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