Had too much fun this national week and what did you end up with? No Money! Trying to think of something drunk and social to do on a Thursday night with a tight budget? NO PROBLEM!

We at the full moon hash don’t believe we should ever stop doing the things we love because of poor decisions and a lack of judgment.  We believe we should embrace who we are and say to our reflection in the mirror, “I DONT CARE IF ITS A THURSDAY,  I’M AN ADULT AND WANT TO GET DRUNK!” So join us on Thursday and listen to your reflection,  they’re probably right.

This October full moon trail will be a great time to warm-up your Halloween costume and seek constructive criticism before the big day. Bring us your low effort, cheap, beer-stained, and bedraggled looks of Hallow’s Eve past as we valiantly defy “sober for October” and instead pursue a bold and inspiring path less traveled. On on!


Old school rules, hares raised on the spot


Live trail, catch-the-hare


Thursday, 17th October, meet 7:30 pm, run starts at 8:00 pm

Hash Cash:

Run & circle 20 kuai

dinner A-A-zhi (bill shared between diners)

Meet Up:

QS Restaurant – No.113, Jiaodaokoudong Street (upstairs)

QS 餐吧二层,北京市东城区交道口东大街113号


Subway: Line 5 to Beixinqiao. Take the Northeast Exit (B). After coming up the escalator or steps take a left to join the road and then left again. At the crossing turn right and head straight. You are now heading west along Jiaodaokou Dong Dajie. Continue for about 300 meters. The restaurant is on the right-hand side of the road.


Bus stop: Jiaodaokou Dong (交道口东), buses 107 and 635 stop close to the restaurant.

Didi: Put in Side Street/街旁 and look for your fellow Hashers nearby