What happened, we get a break in the weather to a balmy 7-8 degrees Celsius with sunshine and everybody is still hiding in bed under blankets.  Well all except the hardcore hashers, a number of whom ran the previous day in the Boxer Hash as well.  We had a solid group of 14, to which the Reverend remarked “I rather like these small groups, they are so INTIMATE.”  And then the Reverend almost dropped onto bended knee as we heard the bush next to the Ditie begin to talk…the bush asked “Are you guys hashing?”  Of course it was a far cry from religious when we discovered it was Sticky Short Shaft and Clueless.  With no official virgins (thank you Janice for making it to a second hash – see we aren’t too dangerous) and the assuredly easy to find and read markings from Spiking Viking and What’s Up Cock we were off with an “Open Check”.

After finding the trail we were lead into Purple Bamboo Park where Spiking Viking discovered 90% of his markings from 3 hours prior to the run were gone, swept away by the very industrious park employees.  He agreed to help us a bit and we spent the next 4 kilometers wandering through the park with him carefully watching our moves.  I guess we were all so used to NOT having marks that when we did see one (about ½ meter tall) we all felt surely this isn’t there and is only our minds desperately wanting the marks.  This lead to Spiking Viking having to call out “On Back” at least 5 times while explaining that really is a mark – how could you miss that one!  As I was one of the lucky few to participate in the Boxer Hash, I asked the RA for the Boxer, our dear Reverend, where he was yesterday.  He responded well you know I had an eye infection and it was very contagious so I was out of school Wed-Fri.  He continued with “It would be very dangerous for the children!” and I thought well I guess he doesn’t care about hashers.

I think the most troubling thing I saw today was the two mothers in the park casually holding one hand of their daughters while the little girls stood on the half frozen lake ice.  The group continued on in the park with some rock climbing and then finally we were “On Out” and shortly thereafter at our ONE beer stop.  Perfectly located across from a Police Station where there was quite a lot of commotion as we discovered “registering” with the district police is a contact sport.  No matter as we all had cold beer to drink and entertainment to watch.   One our hashers even managed to get work done for the second week in a row, last week while running and this week while drinking beer – congratulations Dazed N Confused for multi-tasking so effectively.  After we finished our beers we were “On On” instead of “Open Check” as Spiking Viking said there was only one way in and one way out.  The group followed the trail along rivers, over bridges and with little incident announced “On Home”.

We grabbed the beer and donned our warm clothes while What’s Up Cock ordered the food.  While waiting for the circle to begin, Circus Freak commented that he was excited to be back in China, stating “I never thought I would miss Beijing” but we all know he just wanted that 25 run patch and the 10 run patch for his girl Bonnie Shot.  The Circle began and the Reverend was punished multiple times for his behavior on today’s run including endangering the eyes of all hashers present.  As he took over and called fashion on the hash, we noticed we had spectators looking over the curtain in the restaurant.  Boy did they get a surprise when Spiking Viking was asked to show his “spandex body suit” (About 7 Chinese girls quickly turned away giggling).  We then learned a valuable lesson in buying chalk (and relationships) when Circus Freak told us how the other day he found and purchased a Chinese bucket of big chalk (hashers are so easily amused), took it home and showed Bonnie Shot but was only greeted with hysterical laughing.  Turns out he bought Playdoo.  Many were abused for hats in the circle and our singing still wasn’t any better.   With that we were on food…

On On

Moore Head