Taken too many Hash induced sick days so your lousy boss won’t give you any more time off for the Nash Hash? Spent your pay cheque at Paddy’s and don’t want to ride in the back of a truck waist deep in pig s#!t all the way to Hangzhou? Been up and down West Lake more times than a Hasher’s trousers and need some new adventures?

In the spirit of 519 we will be scouring Beijing’s East for large and small bodies of liquid (both clear and amber) to relax the mind from all these troubles and bring tranquillity back to the soul. In order to combat the rising temperatures and stubborn hangovers, we encourage Hashers to slip into their favourite speedos or man/babe-kinis, stretch those swimming caps and grab the nearest lifesaver or rubber…. ducky!


Ezy Rider, Westside Farter and mistery walking hare


A to A


Sunday, 24th , May, 2015


Meet at 14:30, run starts at 15:00

Hash Cash:

20 RMB Run and Circle;
70 RMB Run, Circle and Dinner


Long Teng Xuan (龙腾轩)


Head 150m East (往东走150米) from:
– Line 14 Jiangtai Exit B or (将台地铁B出口)
– Jiangtai Rd & Crossroad Jiuxianqiao Road(将台路靠酒仙桥路)

What to wear:

Sex Appeal (oops forgot we are talking about Hashers)
*There might not be any actual swimming.