They said we couldn’t make it. They said the baoan wouldn’t let us. They said we were too drunk to keep it up. And in the face of all this adversity we shouted “ON ON”! We’ve made it, against all odds, to our 1900th run of the Beijing Hash House Harriers!

First, we would like to thank Paddy’s for allowing us to circle outside and for always keeping Fetus’s lost possessions safe. Next we would like to thank Mismanagement for… uh.. Whatever it is they do. And lastly, we’d like to thank the academy for.. Ah, fuck it! We have no room for gratitude on the Beijing hash- only room for accusations. Let’s wait until the circle and air our grievances for the last 1900 runs all at once!

Join your favorite group of hares near Chaoyang park* for a dreamy, drunken, disorderly, and debaucherous 1900th run! We guarantee that you will be singing “A-W-E-S-O-M-E  T-R-A-I-L” by the time we head on home!

*If you’ve got a Chaoyang Park Pass, please bring it. Rewards in the circle.

Dress code:



Bearded Clam, Fetus Envy, BDSaMateur


Saturday, March 30th


Meet at 1:30PM, Hash starts at 2PM


A to A

Hash Cash:

30RMB for the hash and circle

80RMB for hash, circle, and dinner


Xin Yu Shi Fu 新渝食府

Maizidian Street- Next to the market 麦子店街菜市场旁


From Exit A of Line-14 Zaoying subway station, cross the street and walk 410 meter to the west.