Have you heard about the 1st Annual Beijing Craft Beer Festival? Then keep this information! Because is going to happen next Saturday, June 2nd, from 1pm-6pm at the Dashila (b) Art Space in the Dashilar area of Qianmen. Tickets are 200 RMB at the door and include 15 tasters and 2 full glasses of beer per ticket.

Six of China’s best craft breweries will be in attendence:

  • Strong Ale Works of Qingdao + 3 beers
  • Boxing Cat Brewery of Shanghai + 6 beers
  • Slow Boat Brewery of Beijing + 4 beers
  • Fuerst Carl Bavarian Brauhaus of Beijing + 2 beers
  • Drei Kronen 1308 of Beijing + 2 beers
  • Great Leap Brewing + 8 beers

There will be 20+ different beers and we are also featuring Beijing’s homebrewer community including the Beijing Homebrewer Society.

Although the ticket does not include food, the following food tents will be onsite for the festival:

  • Taco Tent, two meat options and one veggie;
  • Pretzel tent, w/ garlic butter, grainy mustard and honey, or spicey cheese;
  • French fry tent;
  • Short rib tent, braised w/ kimchi and scallions or veggie optioin w/ kimchi marmalade and sauteed onions;
  • Fish cake tent, thai style fish cakes w/ garlic aioli and amok curry;
  • Dessert tent, affogato (espresso w/ vanilla cream and crushed almonds) and lemon curd crumble w/ fresh strawberries.
  • More food vendors to come!

Let the first annual Beijing Craft Beer Festival be a nice PREAMBLE to FERRARIS BIRTHDAY, at Le Petit Gourmand, the same day but at 20:00 onwards!

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