Anyone left in Beijing to join us for this weekend’s almost-not-a-hash? Even though most of our members (and attached personages) will be gallivanting around Yantai, the skeleton mob left behind can enjoy a relaxed and simple A-to-B walk that’s as easy as a down down down down.

All the regular runners have either died, FOYW’d or signed up for Yantai, so if you want to run, you’ll be volunteering to live hare.

We’ll kick off with a pre-lube at Slow Boat, making sure we’re all well lubricated for the unchallenging journey ahead. From there, we’ll stroll along the river, discussing and contemplating life’s biggest question – why does beer taste so much better in hash?

Our destination is another high-class drinkery, Buddy’s, where we can get stuck into some elbow-bending and maybe something to eat.

As always, good company, slobbering laughter, and plenty of cold beer (and water for the sooks), and whether you’re a jaded hasher or a curious virgin, this is the perfect chance to experience the friendship and chaos of hash in its simplest form.

Hash cash:

30rmb for beer stops and circle.


at Buddy’s, pay yourself

Your Hares:

Sugar Mummy

Just Angela

Banana Shoes


Trail is A-B, no bag drop.

The trail is dog-friendly, as is Buddy’s


2:30pm meet-up 3:00pm start

Restaurant and On-after:


D’erections to meet up spot:

Take Subway Line 14 to Zaoying Station to arrive at the west gate of Chaoyang Park.


Exit the metro at Zaoying Station on Line 14, walk north along Chaoyang Park Road for about 20 meters, turn left into Nongzhanguan North Road, continue for another 30 meters, Slow Boat is on your right.

从枣营站A口出来,沿朝阳公园路向北走20米,左转到农展馆北路,走30米,悠航slow boat (麦子店)在你右手边。


Slow Boat, Nongzhuanguan North Road, a bee’s dick from Chaoyang Park