The Beijing Hash has not graced the boozy beaches of beautiful Beidaihe since 2009! It is time to return to one of our favorite haunts and have a blow-out two night, two day beach vacation.  Are the sickly ostriches still alive?!? Find out for yourself and sign-up now before the bus fills! 
  • Friday:
    The hash will assemble at Tim’s and then load up on our beach-bound booze cruiser at 7pm.  We’ll continue the revelry late into the night at our beach villas upon arrival.  
  • Saturday: 
    The living can grab breakfast in the villa and go for a dip in the ocean before the Boxer Hash will lead us on a romp in the nearby wilderness.  Re-energize after the run with snacks, ice block down-downs, and a seafood rich bash. The Full Moon Hash will lead everyone on a clothing optional. 
  • Sunday:
    Promises another scrumptious villa breakfast and life-giving coffee, more beach time, a blessedly short hang over hash mismanaged by the Beijing Hash, a very special shoreside circle, a delicious bash, and then an air conditioned ride home.
A weekend not to be missed! 
  • PRE-PAY: 
    You must pre-pay by Sunday, September 2nd to lock in your reservation and secure the early bird price 1,000RMB. 
    If you haven’t paid by the deadline, your space is not guaranteed until you pay, and the price goes up to1,200RMB.
    PASSPORT/ID, spending money (souvenirs, lady bars, optional lunch on Saturday), swimsuit (or not), beach towel, sunscreen, life preserver, sunglasses, frisbees, mosquito repellent, beach toys, shark repellent,  flashlights, flipflops…!
For SIGNUP go now to