In the Boxer Hash we try to keep things relaxed and impose as few “traditions” on hashers as possible.  On of the glorious traditions of the Boxer Hash is a short July run in verdant green mountains followed by a camping opportunity.  This month we will carry on this long standing Boxer staple.

It’s only 7-8 km so wanker walkers should be able to survive.  Those who choose not to  camp can return on the Boxer bus after the bash as per usual.  Those interested in camping that have never camped before or don’t have equipment contact KMML.

Features to look for on this hash include:  This is not a dog friendly trail, as well the dogs on this trail are not friendly either.  Nut Pirate can personally verify the dogs are tied up but not rabid.  Butterflies … goodness they are out in force this year, some spectacular ones too.  Honey … it’s honey season, buying the local honey is highly recommended – very tasty (and yes, it’s the Boxer so you won’t be punished for shopping on the hash).  We will pass by a replica of Nut Pirate’s home …. those who have seen NP’s ? will be amazed at the similarity.  The air is generally better out there (but no promises) … if it is clear, you’ll get a great view from the DingDuGe.   Rest assured, the trail contains no spring fed lakes, bears, spiny anteaters, leather factories, unicorns, active gravel pits or maps.

Run Notes & Warnings:
Those who don’t want to camp can return with the bus on Saturday, campers will stay and hike to the cave.
It’s honey season (great honey out there)
It’s July – you can’t avoid the post rain shiggy, sorry
It’s not a dog or child friendly trail
It’s OK to bring chairs to sit
There’s no walking trail or short cut, but it isn’t that long a trail
Nut Pirate & KMML

A to B ~ 8 km

Saturday July 13th

Venue:  Western Hills
Bus leaves from Tim’s at 11:00 (Silk#2 Building, 14 Dongdaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing)

Hash Cash:
150 RMB  (includes transport, run, possibly great views water, post workout snacks, all the beer/soft drinks you can handle (maybe more in some cases), all you can eat dinner, more laughs than you’ll know what to do with, great friends, more beer, a chance to sleep overnight in a cave

Camping Notes:
limit 20 campers
it stays cool in the cave (about 17 degrees) many campers were chilled while sleeping last year
While drinking and debauchery is permitted and even encouraged, those who cannot control their bladders and piss on the trail this year will be severely punished
Return on Sunday will be via public bus (runs every half hour or so, takes about 40 minutes to get to PingGuoYuan subway station
When we camped in April, some firewood got stashed – hopefully it’s still up there and we can have a proper fire
No need to worry about keeping quiet on the way up this year  hehe
BBQ possibilities
Campers bring their own supplies
** If you haven’t camped before or don’t have camping equipment contact KMML for help – it’s cheap & easy to arrange

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