Thirty years older, I see the mountains unchanged. I am forced to recognize in the scheme of things, we are insignificant. Even great men pass into nothing, forgotten to time. Nature on the other hand is beautiful and powerful. We spend our time fucking around in filthy Gomorrah thinking this is life. But this isn’t life. Away from the noise I encountered real life. I saw people living with nature without arrogance. In the villages, I saw humble men fishing as they did in generations past. I was one with the trees, the mountains, and the water. Especially the water; after all, humans come from fish. On Boxer Hash Saturday, we are all going home.
Far in substance but close in kilometers, we are taking the Boxer Hashers to unchartered territory. Not some place around Huairou, Miyun, Changping, or wherever we always fucking go all the time. We, the Boxer Hash Hares, are full of creativity.

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  • Hares:
    Autoblow, Molotov Cock & Nut Pirate
  • Type:
    Unknown — it’s unchartered territory, eh? (Runners’ and walkers’ trails will both be available. Runners’ trail about 10-12k, walkers’ trail will reportedly “be easy.”)
  • When:
    Saturday, May 21, 2016
  • Time:
    Meet at 10:00 a.m. Departure at 10:30 a.m. sharp!
  • Hash Cash:
    150 RMB will get you a boxer trail, snacks, circle, bottomless drinks, and a bash! And if you think that’s a bargain, for only 50 RMB more, you can add a breakfast buffet of eggs, sausage, potatoes, bread and tomatoes plus a drink of your choice (coffee, bloody mary, etc.) at XL bar pre-departure!
    (**Please make sure to note which option you choose when signing up below! Breakfast will only be guaranteed for those who indicate that option on the form.**).
  • Meet up:
    XL Bar
    1-022 Shoukai Bojun Nanqu, Xindong Lu (新东路首开铂郡南区1-022).
    *Click here for Baidu map*
  • D’erections:
    It’s on Xindong Lu in the complex just north of Heaven and south of Lily’s American Diner. To find it, try to go to Heaven and then go the other way.
  • Runsite:
    Jinhai Lake, Pinggu
  • What to bring:
    It’s almost summer, so consider a hat, sunscreen, sun glasses, a vessel to carry water and an energy bar on trail, etc. Your cell phone. Running shoes. A sense of adventure.

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