And here comes another Fullmoon night… with its charm and its mysteries, preparing the creatures of the night for once again, go out from their pleasant dreams and embrace a dark nightmare!! are you willing to full fill your destiny?? Then join us this Tuesday in the 33rd. version of the Beijing Fullmoon hash!! 

  • TYPE:
    A to A, Live trail, old school catch-the-hare rules.’
  • HARE:
    Our faith will be chosen right there or contact us if you want to hare
  • WHEN:
    This TUESDAY, 19 of July – 7:30pm, Hare off at 8:00pm
  • WHERE:
    We meet at The Brick –  Shuangjing (Outer E 3rd Ring Rd)
    No. 18 E. 3rd Ring Rd, Tianzhi Jiaozi Apts, Floor 1-2

    Check directions here

    We equally divide the expenses.
    Urban trails, shiggy trails, Railroads, rivers, parks, bars… everything in just one night run!
    Flashlight/headlamp, dry bag, virgins, new shoes, “GetOut of Jail Free” card, Silver bullets, crucifixes, garlic, holy water or one of those small leprechauns from Ireland… But still travel light…