it’s that time of year again, when the heat begins to moisten things down under, nipples start to harden in the north, and leaves turn a lovely shade of beer… or ummm… orange.
After hyperventilating from too much clean air and being blinded everyday by golden sunsets, FOYW Ezy Rider heads (I’ll have some of that) back to Beijing in search of colder (and cheaper) beer!
Aided by Beijing’s best beer detectives Auto-Blow and Molotov Cock, they will take you through the depths of Jishuitan and leave no leaf or passed out hasher unturned in their quest for the bubbly treasure.
But the beer won’t get cold on its own, it’s time for the Hash to circle up outside and wear your best autumn colours to sing for the glory of the cold amber nectar!


Autoblow, Molotov Cock, Ezy Rider (return of the FOYW)


Saturday, 2 November, 2019, meet up at 13:30, run starts at 14:00 (winter time)

Hash Cash:

30 rmb run only
80 rmb run & dinner

Dress Code:

All the colours of autumn… red, orange, and… amber!?


Xi yu ba da mu Xinjiang Restaurant(西域巴达木)
No. 7 Xi jie kou North Street Ban Qiao Alley


Subway Line 2, Jishuitan Station, Exit D.
Turn left out of the station and walk south about 100 meters. Turn left at the sign reading “Ban Qiao 3 Tiao”. The restaurant is 50 meters down the alley on the left.