Beijing, Beijing, where the roads are filled with shit  – primarily in the form of a never ending flow of  horns, traffic jams and more horns.  Move to the sidewalk and things take a different form  – to literal shit, a rainbow of bike share bikes, excruciatingly slow walkers, excruciatingly slower walkers glued to their phones, and those annoying yellow inlays meant to help blind people somehow navigate the shit. It all creates a life sapping effect that constantly alternates your emotions from deep spite to grim resignation and back again.
So lets spice it up with a bit of drama as we take to the streets and sidewalks in the coolest part of Beijing – SANLITUN:
 – We will traverse streets and sidewalks you never know existed so avoid the cars and scooters so you don’t become RoadKill.
– We will steamroll through the hutongs where you may step into ChickenShit
– Walkers may saunter through a fruit market and accidentally knock over a pile of watermelons, thus causing MelonDrama with the shopkeeper!
So put on your running shoes and feel free to dress as your favorite hare.  How do you do that?  Put on your best abs to be  RoadKill, wear your largest detachable cock to be ChickenShit and put melons down your shirt to be MelonDrama.  Or just wear your brown and yellow stained underwear since all three of us do that regularly.
You’re also in for a treat restaurant-wise as we have reportedly found the place at which Finger My Dough used to work before moving onto the boozier pastures of JingA.


ROADkill, ChickenSHIT and MelonDRAMA


Sunday, July 30th, 2017


Meet at 2:30pm. Hash starts at 3:00pm

Hash Cash:

30 RMB run/walk and circle
80 RMB run/walk, circle and dinner


Meet up:

MeiZhou Dongpo Restaurant


From Line 10 TuanJieHu Exit C, walk south on 3rd ring road about 450m, the restaurant will be on your left.


Beer sponsored by: