Beijing H3 run #2055: Hash Anniversary and Pool Party 2 – Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

Did you miss the Pool Party at last week’s hash? Do you care that the hash is turning the impressive albeit forgettable age of 43? Are you on the way to the airport?

– This is the shitty hash for you.

The hash will start at a pristine un-deflowered virgin bar called ‘The Swan Bar’. E – e – e!

Pregame there as long as you want, they don’t know we are coming or our reputation so just tell them you’re with the Aardvarks.

There’s also a Jenny Lous right at start so that everyone can stock up for our 43rd ANNIVERSARY POOL BASH at the pool near the end of trail. Just carry your bags or offer oral services to a walker. (Free language lessons I mean of course).

Considering there’s a pool on-after bring bathing suits, water guns, g-strings, monokinis, banana hammocks, towels, dildos, the sponge, and whatever else you hashers will want when wet.

Hares: Bogan Banus, Pukelid’s Taxivomitry, Gobblin’ King

When: Saturday July 9th, 2022

Time: 1:30 meet-up 2:00 p.m. start

Meet up / Pregame: The Swan Bar (closest subway is Guozhan 国展 line 15 exit D)

D’erections: Use your brain and your phone. Copy and paste the address into a map app. Use it. Magic! 将地址复制并粘贴到地图应用程序中。使用它。魔术

OR: Go out exit D and walk straight until you reach the road. Turn left and walk a couple of hundred meters to the main road. Turn right and walk a couple of hundred meters to the first traffic lights. Cross the road and continue straight for a few hundred meters. Pub is on your left side. 从D出口出来,一直走到那条路。左转,走几百米到主干道。向右拐,走几百米到第一个红绿灯。穿过马路,一直往前走几百米。酒吧在你的左边。

Address: 天鹅餐吧

Hash Cash: 30 RMB

Trail: A to B- 6km walking, 10k running.

Dinner: None, but opportunities to group order and picnic

On After- There is a pool right next to circle.

It is approximately 120 rmb for entrance. Pay on your own, not included in hash cash

Also please remember to have a valid HealthKit (test within 72h), if you do one tomorrow or on Friday you’ll be golden