This Saturday, November 27 from 07:00 PM at The Fig Tree in Chaowai SOHO Bldg. A, 7/F, unit 702, north of Central Park. Please check the invitation here and reply if you can make it.

Why are we having this potluck party?

A) It’s that time of the year again. So our forefathers (for us Americans) did not have the luxury of having buffalo Burgandy to be the dish of choice for this holiday, and instead were tasked with the burden of having to make this silly bird, that was probably prized more for its ability to feed a large number of starving pilgrims than any other winning attribute, somewhat palatable, would be proud of us American Beijingers, for continuing the tradition of commemorating the culinary hardships they had to endure as new settlers in the New World.  

B) IFMD never got his birthday drinks so he’s coming back for makeup drinks.

Please come to the 2010 BEIJING HHH/Beijing Boxer Hash’s Thanksgiving Dinner, the quintessentially American holiday, and bring your favorite Thanksgiving dish for ~8-10 servings (check out if necessary)!  

We will prepare one non-vegetarian turkey and whip up some desserts. If cooking or baking is not your thing, you may bring drinks or just hard cash.  Please indicate what you will bring on your RSVP and check the list below to see what others are bringing to the potluck.  If you need to cook or warm your dish, please notify us and arrive early. You may also come early to help us set up or just hang out.

Hope to see you on Saturday and Happy Thanksgiving!

Burning Bush