Yes! you read well! The Beijing Hash House Harriers is proud to present you the ultimate ANDROID application for the Beijing HHH, created by Crash Test Dummy himself! The application will keep you updated in real time with our latest news, runs and socials!

But wait… There is more: This beautiful application also comes with the best selection of Hash Songs, so you don’t have an excuse about not knowing the lyrics! Besides it has an auto update feature , so you don’t need to worry about downloading new versions again and again. So what are you waiting for? Click the image below and make a new step in the digital era of the Beijing Hash House Harriers!

beijing-appClick here to download


The application is for android devices only. Once you download in your mobile you might need to change permission settings to complete the installation. The Beijing HHH mismanagement  won’t provide any technical support regarding malfunctions with the app or your phone, but some of us might help you before the runs to install it.