There are strange happenings going on in Beijing: hutong hangouts getting bricked up, only good (Chinese) news, ice-haired schoolboys, and dating bots stealing our hard-earned money amongst other mind-blowing events. Dare we say something FISHY is going on? Could it be the uncannily blue skies and fresh air – a SMELL we are not used to? Or perhaps it is the One Belt One Road initiative?
NO, NO, NO,… 不是, 不是, 不是. Your friendly hares have researched these stranger things far and wide and have found the cause. Surprisingly, the cause is coming from outside of China – from the other side of the world as a matter of fact. South Africa to be precise. Brace yourselves for the truth:

It is Smells Fishy’s Fuck Off! Now that she is leaving us strange things are a happening. Since all you hashers already smell really bad, you’ve got that part of the theme covered. So simply wear your best fish related outfit and get ready to run around Sanlitun for the first time all year!


Smells Fishy, Super Squirter & RoadKill


Saturday, January 20th


Meet at 1:30 PM. Run starts at 2 PM (ish)

Hash Cash:

30 RMB run/walk and circle
80 RMB run/walk, circle, and dinner

Meet Up:

畅福轩 ChangFuXuan(aka 通讯录风味熏骨头TongXunLu)
团结湖北口头条8号(No.8 Tuanjiehu Beikou Toutiao)


Take Exit C at Tuanjiehu Station (Line 10) and walk to the east,turn right at the first corner,you will find it after 150m at the next intersection on the left side.