On July 14th, 1789 the beginning (then all hell broke loose) of the French Revolution was achieved as La Bastille, at the center of Paris, was overthrown (more or less). A Political Prison, it was largely seen as at the center of the Royal Power (yeah screw Louis XVI) of paper toilet like Letters de Cachet (Signet Letters, some pretty bad stuff…….) which held prisoners who could not appeal nor receive formal reasons for imprisonment. As the crowds gathered and slowly began to march against the prison, a smart man (But seriously), Governor de Launay, fort commander ceded and opened the gates allowing the protestors to enter, after a short skirmish (unintended). He still got kicked in the balls though. Several weeks later on August 4th the long oppressive futile system was abolished and the people were free to craft a new Republic, three years later though. Which probably was something along the lines of being able to divert their attention to cheese (which we will have for you this weekend, if Slappy’s fridge works correctly) and wine. I guess I should add that a few Decades later a very short man from Corsica would come to Make France Great Again……. again. (Damn the British for being themselves)

But really Hashers,

This Saturday let us celebrate the great French national holiday. Commemorating the night Serge Gainsbourg stormed the Bastille to profess his love for Whitney Houston. The furia frances that invigorated the French nation to create the OPEC of wine, led to us now to all say on this day: “Oh lala”. Slappy Seconds, Shanghai Man and a conscripted (volontold) hare will lead the hash to become as drunk and merry as King Louis XVI or Mary Antoinette’s infamous Lauren Falcon haircut session. As all French citizens said then to the British attempt to be buzz kills on this day, “it’s not coming home.” Join us in commemorating the greatest (non-beer) drinking and eating culture on earth!


Saturday, July 14th


Meet at 2:30PM, Hash starts at 3PM


Slappy Seconds, Shanghai Man, A Voluntold Walking Hare


Paddy O’Sheas 阿尔兰酒吧


老北京马家清真菜 Beijing Ma’s Restaurant,


22-4 DongZhiMen Wai DaJie


Subway Line 2/13 to Dongzhimen, Exit C. Walk about 900 meters east on Dongzhimen Outer Street. For the restaurant, walk past PaddyO’Shea’s and carry on for another 100 meters or so. OR Subway Line 10 to Agricultural Exhibition Center, Exit D2. Walk west on Dongzhimen Outer Street for about 900 meters. Cross over Xindong Road at the traffic light and you are there.