T’was the Hash before Christmas, and all through Beijing

all the Hashers were drunken from all of their drinking;

The hares laid the trail with minimal care,

Chalk marks? Flour? It looked a bit bare.


The Hashers were surly, hungover as hell,

when we called ‘circle up!’ and began to yell;

This is an open check, and this a two-way,

When you see this mark it’s on-on that you say.


And then on the trail there came such a spice,

of shit and of trash, no one thought it was nice;

Away through the hutongs they ran and they staggered,

Looking for chalk marks with neat drunkard’s swagger.


The pollution was banished by RA’s decree,

if you’re coughing and gagging please blame her and not me;

And be careful, my friends, when you’re crossing the street,

Or the cars will beep beep and run over your feet.


Yes, little old drivers all driving so fast

Will give you a whallop and knock you on your ass;

Ah, who is responsible for all of this mess?

Of course it’s the Hares, you know them the best –


Sixty Second Suck Off, so funny and quick,

and Cheesy Balls, too, but not cheesy dick;

Last but not least there’s Just Chen to blame,

Join more runs, girl, you need a Hash name!


This Hash is on Sunday, not the Saturday before,

‘round Nanluoguxiang we’ve a shitty trail in store;

Now get dressed for Christmas, wear your socks and your sweaters,

Drink that hangover away! I swear you’ll feel better.

Your Hares:

Sixty Second Suck Off, Cheesy Balls, Just Chen


Sunday, Dec 22; meet at 13:30, run at 14:00

Hash Cash:

30rmb run alone

80rmb run and dinner

Dress Code:

Christmas outfits! Snowman sweaters, reindeer antlers, Santa hats, if you’ve got it, wear it!


LaoZhaiYuanKaoya 老宅院烤鸭, DongHuangChengGenBeiJie LiangGuoChang Hutong, number 14 东黄城根北街亮果厂胡同14


From Nanluoguxiang Station take exit F or B and go west along DiAnMen East Street. Turn left onto HuangChenggGenBei Road, walk a bit, then take another left into LiangGuoChang Hutong.

乘坐地铁至南锣鼓巷站,F口或B 出,沿地安门东大街向西行走,右转进入东黄城根北街,直走一段左转进入亮果厂胡同。