We welcome all HASH students back to HASH SCHOOL for the new school session. You don’t need to carry your heavy school bags like the students do, but you will be required to bring your sensations (and your thirst for beer) to join the trail.

Our first lesson involves exploring these sensations: Color is the effect of light waves on the visual organs to produce sensations; Sound is air vibration acting on the auditory organs to produce sensations; Temperature is the movement of molecules acting on tactile organs to produce sensations; Smell and taste are molecules that act on the organs of smell and taste to produce sensations. So, just like undergrads who embrace the new year and lessons, stay hungry, stay curious, stay horny. Cum run with us this weekend to get things back in session!

Hares: Pickle Boy; Just Melody; Just Jason

Type: A to A (Bag drop available)

When: Saturday, September 9

Hash Cash: 30 RMB (run, beer/water, circle); 105 RMB (run, beer/water, circle, dinner)

Time: Meet-up at 2:30 p.m.; Run starts at 3:00 p.m.

Where: Laixikou Hunan cuisine/BBQ 来西口·湘菜·刀削面(甜水园店)甜水园街水碓子北里19号楼1层19-5号


From Jintai Lu Metro (Line 6 & 14) Exit E: Walk north 600 meters, resto on left.从金台路地铁(6号线和14号线)E出口:向北走600米,餐厅在左边。

From Chaoyang Park Metro (Line 14) Exit D1: Walk south 650 meters, resto on right.从朝阳公园地铁(14号线)D1出口:向南走650米,右边是餐馆。