Although I’m not very familiar with the Beijing’s hash history it appears that Life of Pee has brought upon us the very first Beijing “Bash” Bike & Hash. 

To speak in his words, the proletarians had gathered on the morning of the 1st May at YongHeGong and brought with them their bike of choice. While fixed gear and fairly normal were among them Fire in the Hole carried something that looked like shopping cart leftovers from a severe accident, it did however magically unfold into quite a racing machine.
Not sparing any effort LoP had set out trails that the team began to follow, trying to spot the marks and not hitting too many of the capitalist visitors from other cities.

Not long into the ride On your Knees ignited a creativity outburst from certain team members that resulted in a song that henceforth was used to clear the path and in other critical situations.
Midday approached with the team reaching the selected restaurant, timing engineered at its best from our bare (Bike & Hare). We had lunch with none lost or left behind and a visit to LoP’s former residence lavish equipped bathroom.
Heading south by directions to the next trail challenge the team rode, through hutongs left in their original condition to arrive at a tea house that counts LoP to its most loyal customers. Much been learned (and forgotten again) on China’s history, tea and misbehaving children that LoP had to invent to protect his reputation as members of the team were just acting too strange for a traditional tea house. To all our surprise various teas were served instead of beers. Back north following the trail to Houhai. Temperatures probably above 15 deg C invited to jump into the water, algae and seaweed presented itself in abundance ready for the nearby restaurants.

The team tried to convince an athlete, who as far as I can tell must have been from the regular Houhai swimming club, must have refused the offer to participate in the next run since a loudly debate in Chinese was going on. 
Defectors that unfortunately were running out of time or energy or both were replaced by D&C and Cumshot at Houhai and northeast we rode for Dinner near Taiyanggong.

BBQ and beer was served and as if the day didn’t already had enough amenities LoP’s better half joined with ingredients for a secret USA cuisine weapon. Skillful and not short off parables LoP introduced us to S’mores, under the oth of death or worse beer restrictions we had to keep the ingredients secret, below image of the subject may give an idea what make the US nation so strong and powerful.

On On

Mr. Bernd (STBN)