After a lovely Saturday run through the Olympic Park and an incredible dinner hosted by Jolly Green Knob and Philippine Cuisine, the happily fed and boozed filled Hashers got down to vote for the new Mis-Management for 2011-2012. The voting process was conducted in a very fair Swiss democratic way with a typical Hash twist. There were interruptions and arguments over specific roles but a final result was eventually reached. 

We are proud to present the new Mis-Management for 2011-2012 :

  • Grand Masters (GMs)
    Dry Hole and Pretty Woman

  • Religious Advisor (RA)
    Dazed & Confused

  • Hash Cash 
    Black Turd with his lovely helper Undulator

  • On Sec
    Teflon Dick 

  • Hare Hazor 
    Cock Sourcerer and Twinkle Balls

  • Haberdasher
    Cum Shot and Ginger Jesus

  • Web Wanker
    Dazed & Confused
  • Song Master
    Jolly Green Knob
  • Hash Scribes
    Hard to Live with, Snot, Black Eyed Tits and Cock Sourcerer

A big thank you to the previous Mis-Management for all their time and effort, may the new management keep up the good work!