In an incredible effort, both the Beijing Hash and the Boxer Hash are joining their strengths for provide you with an incredible weekend! Can you imagine running around the country side and the forest, and then go back to enjoy a fun night in a mysterious cave!! YOU GOT IT! That’s what is going on this weekend!! But if maybe you can not make it to the overnight trip, but still you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of this crazy city and enjoy the tranquility of nature and fresh air! Be happy! Cause we also have the perfect plans for you! Keep reading for details and don’t forget to register at

So here is the plan:

  • Saturday July 14 

    A Boxer Hashing we will go. High Ho’ the Derry Ho’ A Boxer Hashing we will go. There will be walking options. Incredible circle location. Local bash. If you have enough, you can come back to Beijing on the Boxer Hash Bus.

    Cave Camping! For those as intrepid as our hares, those who do not fear the wild beasts wandering around Beijing hills, those who want to continue the adventure of an awesome Hash weekend, the hares have organized Cave Camping.Because we will be camping in a cave, there will obviously be limited space. We can only accept 20 hashers (it will be cozy). On a first come, first served basis (plus extra two single cuties for KMML tent…lets make it three).
    It is fairly cool in the cave so it’s definitely best to have someone to cuddle with. It will be a bit of a hike to get there (and prolly in the dark). Bring a torch.

  • Sunday July 15 

    Beijing HHH will come up to the hills to pick the remains of the hashers camping in the cave and run a great hash around the area.

And this is what you have to do, Register by ordering only ONE TICKET, you will have 3 options:

  • Boxer Hash Only – Boxer Hash and return to BJ on same day (150 RMB) 
  • Drunkard Caveman – Boxer Hash plus Staying overnight and Beijing Hash (250 RMB) 
  • Beijing Hash Only – Sunday Only (150 RMB)


  • Hares Boxer HHH:
    Kiss My Maple Leaf and Waiting for It
  • Hares Beijing HHH:
    Doggie Fondue and Twinkle Balls


  • Saturday 14th of July, 10AM for a 10:30AM departure!
  • Sunday 15th of July, 10AM for a 10:30AM departure!


  • Tim’s Texas BBQ (on Dongdaqiao Lu near the Silk Market)