Consarn it! May done arrived in Beijing and this gouldarn sudden heat has us all by the short hairs, ain’t she? What better remedy then some old fashioned nice and proper barbeque. Time to pony up and skedaddle over to yon Wangjing for some of that Tim’s Texas BBQ I hear tell everyone’s fond of. Yassir we done got BBQ vittles for even the hardiest cowpoke, veggies for them whats fixen for ‘em and enough beer to up n’ rooster the whole cavalry.

Now if that don’t take the rag off the bush this here trail’s chock full of the rootenest tootenest terrain Wangjing county has to offer: Bushes, rivers, parks, and shiggy to scare the bejeezus off a billygoat.

But tarnation I done rambled on enough. Git here Sunday you varmints! ‘else you as useful as tits on a marmoset.

  • Hares:
    What the Fluff, Pekinski Bikinisky, and Transylvestite
  • Type:
    A to A
  • When:
    Sunday, 07 May 2017
  • Time:
    Meet at 2:30pm, run and walk start at 3:00pm — CHANGED TO SPRING START TIME!!
  • Hash Cash:
    30 RMB run/walk and circle
    80 RMB run/walk, circle and dinner
  • Meet up:
    Tim’s Texas BBQ Wangjing Branch B109, Block F, Wangjing International Commercial Center Chaoyang District
    Tim’s 熏烤房 望京花家地丽都朝阳区 北京市朝阳区望京国际商业中心F座B109
    T: 6470 0501
  • D’erections:

    Line 14 Wangjing South exit A, take immediate right after exit into alleyway, cross Furong street and on the right enter Wangjing International Commercial Center, go to basement level.