Well March is upon us. That means spring is here! Yea, the government hasn’t turned off the heat, there’s still that one ski trip, and we are all wearing our winter coats to circle. But, like, it’s almost here…kinda. We are tired of this gray and ready for the flowers and cherry blossoms. Put on your floral colors and run with some harriettes Shaven Not Stirred, SnaCunter, and Danger Zone to see if we can chase down this elusive thing called warmth. There might even be an instagramable Coachella worthy flower crown waiting for you…no promises.


Let’s welcome spring with our sincere heart, awesome trail and a lot of BEER!!!


Danger Zone, SnaCunter, Shaven Not Stirred


Saturday, March 3rd


Meet at 1:30 p.m. Run starts at 2 p.m.

Dress Code:

Warm spring colors, no dark and gloomy colors !!!

Hash Cash:

30 RMB run/walk and circle
80 RMB run/walk, circle, and dinner

Meet up:



Yongle Restaurant, 67-3, Ande Road, Xicheng District


Get out at Exit A2 of Line2 or 8 Guloudajie Station, right on the right side of the station there’s a way, go straight up 2 or 3 mins when you see the first intersection, turn left then walk like forever until you see our restaurant!!