Shuangjing is full of arts, culture, and beautiful people but we can’t forget it’s dingy streets and old infrastructure. Come this join the hares this Saturday to see the best and worst of what Limp Fish Dick’s neighborhood has to offer. From murals and statues to creepy tunnels, we’ll cover it all.

We can’t say that you will be impressed but we can promise you that there will be beer. What else do you need on a Saturday?


Limp Fish Dick, Minaj à trois and What the Fluff


Saturday March 24


Meet at 1:30 p.m. Run starts at 2 p.m.

Dress Code:

Please wear clothes!

Hash Cash:

30 RMB run/walk and circle
80 RMB run/walk, circle, and dinner

Meet up:

东北风 双井店 (Dong Bei Feng -Shuangjing)


No.7, 1st Floor, 12 Commercial Building, Guang Qu Men Wai Da Jie


Use exit D of Shuangjing Station (Line 10), make a quick right down Dong San Huan Nan Lu Fu Lu (东三环南路辅路). Walk about 200 meters and the restaurant will be on your right side.

Or just look for the damn R marks!