Played by swarthy saucepot Jason Momoa, Cal Drogo was literally no pushover. As his steamy scenes with sultry dragon queen Daenerys showed, he preferred to maneuver at the rear.

In ancient times, if his horsemen had tried to raid Beijing from behind, they would have first had to make it past the city’s outer fortifications at tucheng. To cross the city’s earthen outer wall there, they would have swam across the canal. While in the water, they would have been hit by an angry hail of arrows, rocks, used condoms and other sundry articles.

Luckily for Drogo, the fearsome nomad chief is no longer alive. Were he and his warriors to try and breach the dirt at tucheng this weekend, they would encounter something far more terrifying than trained Ming archers: a group of drunken hashers.

For BH3 run #2062 – Barbarians at the Back Door – we will start by making our way along the old fortifications at tucheng. After that there will be a decent canal run, and for walkers a photo opportunity at the golden angel wings some of you may remember. The circle will take place far away from meddlesome security guards i n one of northern Beijing’s nicest parks.


Pickle Boy, Little Red Shittinghood and Joy Ride-her


This is an A to B run so there will be no bag drop. Because much of it is in public parks, it is not dog friendly.


Saturday 27th August, 2022. Meet at 2:30pm, run starts at 3:00pm


惠新西街南口地铁站C出口, Huixin Xijie Nankou sbway station, outside Exit C

It’s on subway lines 5 and 10


we’ll be meeting right outside the subway station’s C Exit.