Last month we had a great time cycling a bigger map of China! But only half of it.

And we`ll cycle the other half this month, with beer of course in this hot hot weather.


The bigger China map in Beijing, but 66km is too long for shared bikes, so we did 32km last month.


This is what we cycled last month:

We`ll do the other half. The hare is  excited again! And got the beers ready!

When / 日期: Thursday 22nd Jun. 2023

Meet up / 时间: 15:00 for a 15:30 start.

At /: Line 4 Taoranting subway station Exit C 陶然亭地铁站C口(东南口)

Distance距离: about 34-35km.

Weather / 天气: hot summer day. We can find somewhere at Liangma river to swim after the ride.

Hash Cash: pay as you go, bring beer and snacks you like.

Hare: Shitposter_69.69

For these who donot own a bike, Shared bike is ok!共享单车也可以。

See you Then!

Dinner TBD 晚餐具体情况到时候再定


Line 4 Taoranting subway station Exit C 陶然亭地铁站C口(东南口)

About the trail:

A to B  no bag drop. Not kid or dog friendly.

Important safety matters / 重要的安全事:

 If you’re riding your own bike, don’t forget a small repair kit / 如果您骑的是自己的自行车,别忘了带一个小修理包

 Also some basic first aid stuff / 还有一些基本的急救用品

 Consider wearing a helmet / 虑戴头盔

 Consider (but not too seriously) not drinking beer on-trail / 虑(但不要太认真)不要在路上喝啤酒

 Seriously consider taking out accident insurance if you don’t already have health insurance … RedSnatcher has found a very affordable one – it’s rmb1.6 per person and it gives you coverage for seven days (you can also choose 30 days or 365 days coverage). Each person is responsible to do this themselves AND WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT. / 如果您还没有健康保险,请认真考虑购买意外险…… Red Snatcher 找到了一款非常实惠的保险——每人 1.6 元人民币,为您提供 7 天的保(您也可以选择 30 天或 365 天) 覆盖)。 每个人都有责任自己做这件事,我们强烈建议!