As you know (as you know), hash is a pro-social justice organization. Why do we say that? Social justice is the fundamental principle upon which peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among nations depends. And hashers have succeeded in promoting gender equality through their love of beer, which removes all kinds of barriers that people might face because of gender, age, race, religion, culture, disability etc. Welcome to the hash run on February 20th, especially if you’re a person who loves beer and running while working to make society better.


Hash Cash

30RMB(run, beer, circle), 90RMB(run, beer, circle, dinner)


Your Hares:

Just Yanan, Polish My Helmat, Red Snatcher



A-A (dog friendly route but not the restaurant). Bags can be dropped at the restaurant.



Sunday, Feb 20th. We meet up at 1:30pm and start the run at 2:00pm SHARP!



Our hash bar, Paddy O`Shea`s of course.

Followed by our on-after-the-after at QS for the real legends.



Laomen Daoxiaomian 老门刀削面

Restaurant Address:No. 31, West Exit, Xiaojiangfang Hutong, Xidan North Street, Xicheng District  西城区西单北大街小酱房胡同西口31号

Directions to Meet-up Spot:

Take line 4, get off at Lingjinghutong Station, get out from exit B. Restaurant is behind the exit.